Wednesday 21 November 2012

Mixed Feelings With Green Lizard And Face Tomorrow

One of our country's best rock bands, Face Tomorrow, announced a while ago they are gonna call it quits. It was hard to believe after they released their self titled last album one and a half year ago and seemed more alive then ever. Around the same time one of the best live bands of some ten years ago, Green Lizard, announced their comeback. Needless to say I had to go see them both for their 'Hello, Goodbye Tour'.

Hello, Goodbye Tour: Face Tomorrow + Green Lizard at Melkweg Amsterdam, November 15 2012

Green Lizard
When I was introduced to this band early 2000's I was sold right away. Their grunge and heavy rock music combined with energetic live shows were great to watch. They disappeared off my radar some years after, only to find out that the group had disbanded in 2007. But this year there suddenly was some Green Lizard activity around singer Remi Tjon Ajong and the band rose from its ashes. It's great to see him back on stage with his brother Brian again and their new band members Axel van Oort on bass and Jochem van Rooijen on drums. But it's clear they have not changed their music. That's because mostly they are playing their old songs of course, but the band seems to want to stick to their roots. I will be interesting to hear what a new album will sound like.

They sure have not lost their skills despite being a few years older. It still rocks hard like in the good ol' days. Remi's voice sounds strong and the band is playing with a lot of heart, energy and enthusiasm. When Remi's kids join him on stage for 'Junior on their little toy drums and guitar there's no doubt the fans have embraced them again.

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Face Tomorrow
When Face Tomorrow take the stageit's clear right from the start why we're going to miss this band. The band fly into it one hundred percent and are working up a sweat the entire show like they always do. The set is one hell of a ride. For fifteen years they have always played every show like it could have been their last. This time however it's actually true. Although a couple of shows will follow, this is my last Face Tomorrow show. And that makes me feel sad. How come this band never grew bigger? Why did the media give hardly any attention to such a great band? Why didn't they get more air play? Not main stream enough? Too heavy?

These things make me angry. I see it happen to more great bands. Some X-Factor or Pop Idol nitwit is playing for 15,000 people and bands like this are playing to only a handful of people. Singer Jelle Schrooten, with his impressive voice, would blow away every contestant of these shitty shows that only deliver mediocre artists and lower the music standard of the average person watching that rubbish. Even when Schrooten's voice isn't completely alright according to himself. These guys give it all they have got. Besides Schrooten, the rest of the band too are playing full of fire. And then the songs: 'Worth The Wait', 'Move On', 'My World Within', what a great songs!

Schrooten asks the crowd what they want to hear. Someone answers 'Overpowered', their biggest hit, a rock ballad. Schrooten asks "really?" and then continues with 'Delirium' instead. Maybe because his voice is not up for it today or that ballad, although a good song, just doesn't say what they are about. The band ends the night in great style with 'Sign Up'. What a power! A passionate mosh pit forms spontaneously, giving the band the worthy farewell they deserve. In the end this night doesn't end in sorrow, but in excitement because of a great show by two great rock bands. "sign up cause we are here to stay". Where can I sign up for a Face Tomorrow come back in five years like Green Lizard did?

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1. Back to the Starting Line
2. All The Way
3. Enlighten Me
4. Burning Bridges
5. My World Within
6. Puppet on Strings
7. Paralusion
8. For Me
9. The Maze
10. Move On
11. On My Own
12. Delirium
13. Worth the Wait
14. Sign Up

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