Monday 4 February 2013

Traumahelikopter and Vanderbuyst Rock Club Ziggo

A free round of two bands that will blow you off your socks, Traumahelikopter and Vanderbuyst? I don't say "no" to that. So I applied to go on the guest list for this night at Club Ziggo, made sure I had my ear plugs and got ready to let my hair down (which I didn't do to be honest).

Traumahelikopter at Club Ziggo, Amsterdam January 31 2013

They made a stunning impression on showcase festival Eurosonic in Groningen earlier this month where they literally tore the ceiling down. This threesome will definitely blow your mind. Who needs a full drum set when you can stand up with a floor tom and a snare drum? Throw in some cymbals and there's plenty of noise you can make. And when you have two guitars, you don't really need a bass player right? These guys aren't about making music following the standard rules.

Their music is not about bringing the greatest grooves or guitar riffs. It's all about energy and having fun. And that's exactly what they're good at. Their raw energy, gritty dirty rock songs and enthusiasm is enough to give you a good time. And their LP that I bought after the show will put a smile on my face every time I play it. Seeing is believing so go check them out.

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Vanderbuyst at Club Ziggo, Amsterdam January 31 2013

Seeing is believing goes for Vanderbuyst as well. I heard many good things about this band, but didn't get a chance to see them yet. Their performance takes you back to the era of hair metal and everything that comes with it. That means tight pants, lots of hair a Flying V and so many lights the band hardly fits on the small stage. Of course this calls for some heavy rocking and you can leave that to these three musicians. Their music is just as you'd expect: a blend of Iron Maiden, Van Halen, Thin Lizzy etc.

Judging from the die hard fans that came down to see them, it's obvious they have outgrown these kind of show cases. A big group of fans are head banging and tossing their hair to the heavy grooves. Vanderbuyst are playing tight and it has to be great for them to play to such dedicated fans. So they give the fans what they came for and treat us to an energetic set.

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Keep a close eye on the Club Ziggo agenda since they keep lining up great bands there for free.

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