Tuesday 2 April 2013

Jumping Around With palma Violets

You're young and want to play music. With some mates you form a band and start playing in a garage. It's fun playing your favourite songs with your pals. You even come up with a song of your own and put it on the internet. A year later you have a record deal, released a first record and are playing all over Europe. This could be the story of Palma Violets. I imagined this one but think I'm pretty close. Several music websites picked up on them and NME awarded them the Best New Band award earlier this year, after calling 'Best Of Friends' song of the year 2012.

Palma Violets at Bitterzoet Amsterdam, March 28 2013

Also the part about the record deal is true. It's not hard to imagine what lead up to that first song 'Best Of Friends'. It was the one that got them the record deal for 180 which just came out. It is received with mixed reviews which isn't all fair. It's not that bad at all and is actually a nice record. But I think some critics are right that when the record company would have given them more time it could have made a bigger impact. They are proving tonight that they are definitely a promising band. The little club is fully loaded and the boys look excited to play. Full of energy the band is kicking off the first song. Keyboard player Peter Mayhew is sitting anonymously at the side of the stage and from my position drummer Will Doyle is hardly visible. But especially Chilli Jesson is proving to be quite the show man. He never stops moving and is playing and singing every song as if is his life is depending on it. Sam Fryer may not be as lively but is definitely not a bad singer.

The crowd is loving every bit. The band sounds a lot more convincing live on stage. There's a small pit forming in front of the stage and people of all ages are jumping and dancing to the catchy songs. When asked to raise our hands every single one in the club is joining in and hundreds of hands are up in the air. With only one record out you can't expect a two hour gig so after just more than half an hour it's time for an encore. There's time for a cover of The Hot Nasties' 'Invasion Of The Tribbles'. The hidden track on the record 'Brand New Song' ends the show both in chaos and in style. All sweaty the band leaves the stage. Maybe the record doesn't really live up to all the high expectations but I can see this band come a long way. Just a few more years on the road and a next album could leave a bigger impression.

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01. Johnny Bagga' Donuts
02. Rattlesnake Highway
03. All the Garden Birds
04. Tom the Drum
05. Chicken Dippers
06. Best of Friends
07. Step Up for the Cool Cats
08. Last of the Summer Wine
09. I Found Love
10. 14
11. Invasion of the Tribbles (The Hot Nasties Cover)
12. Brand New Song

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