Friday 19 April 2013

Mozes And The Firstborn Conquer Amsterdam

Less than a year ago a young band called Mozes And The Firstborn was playing as a support for Michael Kiwanuka in Tivoli Utrecht. It was an energetic set with catchy rock songs. Not only the music was appealing but the young lads acted as if they were used to playing in clubs of that size. Their lively stage performance made it a lot of fun to watch them. Within a year they managed to release their first album, play club shows all around the country and now they are even releasing an EP abroad. Time to look them up again.

Mozes And The Firstborn at Paradiso Amsterdam, April 13 2012

The band from Eindhoven even managed to sell out the small hall of the venue. It's obvious this band is definitely making a name now. And there's plenty of ammunition on their new album to treat everyone to a nice show. The songs of the record sound even better live. This is a band that flourishes best on a stage. The set is still very lively with energetic performances by all of them. It shows why live music is more than playing your songs on stage. You can't catch this energy and pleasure on a record. No, not even on vinyl.

The variation on the album becomes obvious as well. From Beatlesque songs to hair slinging rock songs, the band can do it all. The fans go crazy on the hit song 'Skills' and even a small pit starts to form in front of the stage. In the encore they play the B-side to that single 'Burn Burn Burn', where all members of the band are standing in front of the stage.

Mozes And The Firstborn prove to be more than just a nice young band. They are already capable of writing good songs. Even better they know how to perform them live and entertain a crowd. I think we are going to hear a lot more from this band in the future.

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