Thursday 5 September 2013

Hot Night With Deftones

Last year Californian metal band Deftones released one of the best records of 2012. Koi No Yokan is probably one of their most consistent albums. I had to wait for a long time to hear the new songs live. Finally the band were about to visit this small country. They didn't play in Amsterdam so I went to the great, and today hot, 013 venue in Tilburg instead.

Deftones at 013 Tilburg, September 3 2013

Deftones are a one of a kind band. Their sound is hard to compare to anything else. It's almost like they invented their own genre. Loud outbursts are followed with slow heavy grooves. Especially on stage this group knows how to excel. Their live reputation is famous and the songs lend themselves very well for a thrilling rock show.

Chino Moreno's vocals are part of their unique sound. His way of singing is one of a kind but can sometimes start to get a bit on your nerves. As long as they keep varying this is hardly a nuisance. His voice is quite good tonight although it isn't always exactly in key. In the beginning the mix of the sound isn't great and his vocals aren't loud enough. Fortunately after a few songs it has been fixed. 

It takes a bit of time for the band to fully warm up. When they finally do, it turns into one of those shows where band and crowd totally find each other. Especially Moreno and bass player Sergio Vega move around stage a lot. Moreno is all over the place, bouncing around, jumping on monitor speakers and looking for contact with the front rows. The big smile that is frequently showing on his face reveals that he's enjoying himself a lot tonight. Guitarist Stephen Carpenter is less active and more introvert, but is totally into his heavy riffs. The whole band is playing with a lot of heart.

It is good to hear how different the band can sound. Still you will always recognize their music right away. Quiet and more melodic songs are followed by aggressive outbursts lighting the fuse of the pit in front of the stage. Four songs of the new record make it into the set, which is leaning heavily on their epic masterpiece White Pony, especially halfway. It's funny that songs of the same albums are mostly together in their set, covering era after era that way. Tonight is a nice retrospective of their discography.

Closing with some old favourites from first album Adrenaline in the encore they give the crowd exactly what they asked for in the end: a tight, solid and honest rock show the way only Deftones can play.

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01. Rocket Skates
02. Diamond Eyes
03. Be Quiet and Drive (Far Away)
04. My Own Summer (Shove It)
05. Lhabia
06. Rosemary
07. Feiticeira
08. Digital Bath
09. Knife Prty
10. Elite
11. Tempest
12. Swerve City
13. Poltergeist
14. Passenger
15. Change (In the House of Flies)
16. Regulate(Warren G cover)
17. Bloody Cape
18. Minerva
19. Engine No. 9 / Wicked
20. 7 Words

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