Friday 13 September 2013

ITGWO 2013 Day 3: Never Go Home

When I open my eyes in the morning the rain is pouring down. Even worse it turns out we put our tent in a small pit that is collecting water. The middle part of the tent is already slowly filling up. Not even this small inconvenience can break my mood.

Into The Great Wide Open 2013 Day 3, September 8 2013

Today the program starts early though and unfortunately we don't make it on time for Sean Rowe and the Onder Invloed sessions. So instead we set off for the stage in the dunes for the last time this year. And by this time the sky has cleared up and the sun is back.

Gruppo Sportivo
Over here a memory of the past is waiting. The Dutch band Gruppo Sportivo were successful end of the seventies with their new wave music. Happy sounding songs with dark lyrics. Today they will be playing their first and most successful album 10 mistakes to celebrate its re-release on vinyl. Although still active, the band were never able to top the success of that album. Singer Hans Vandenburg's dry humour and the band's merry appearance make it an enjoyable performance. The songs may sound a bit outdated, they still go down well with the mostly ageing crowd. In the end it's a lot of fun to witness this part of Dutch music history.

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Johannes Sigmond, or Blaudzun, had huge success with his album Heavy Flowers. He has been on the road for 18 months and today is the last show. I have seen him a couple of times during this period and the band and their music haven't lost anything of its power. The songs still have the same impact as in the beginning and Blaudzun himself is still singing as intense. 'Flame On My Head' and 'Elephants' have grown into crowd pleasers where everyone is joining in. He's also playing a few new songs that he already added to the setlist a while ago. The new tracks sound darker than the older songs. It sounds very promising and while Blaudzun is enjoying a well deserved break, we can start looking forward to a new album.

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Another artist rocketed into the spotlights by Dan Auerbach is Omara Bombino Moctar from Niger. His latest album Nomad that Auerbach produced is very successful and now he's playing all over the world. Today he's the closing act on the Sports Field where most people have gathered to see the musicians dressed in traditional nomadic clothes worn by the Tuareg people. It's a fitting performance in the sun where everyone is dancing to the catchy African rhythms. I do get the same feeling as when I listened to the record: it could use more variation. The blend of blues and African music is quite original and well performed, but most songs do sound alike. For today it doesn't matter though, it is a good soundtrack for this afternoon. We just have a few more beers, another basket of those amazing nachos and continue dancing until we have to leave to catch our ferry back to reality.

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At the harbour a last surprise awaits us. Coely, a young Belgian singer and rap artist, is playing a few songs with her band and some guitar players. Do we really have to leave this place? One last look at the island as the ferry nears the mainland. I'm already keeping my fingers crossed and hope we can get tickets again for next year.

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