Tuesday 29 October 2013

Miles Kane Blows Off The Roof

Almost two months ago Miles Kane's performance on the idyllic festival Into The Great Wide Open felt a bit out of place. His rock show and powerful britpop songs were a bit too much for the family friendly crowd. But I'm sure that Paradiso is just the kind of place for the always hard working Kane.

Miles Kane at Paradiso Amsterdam, October 26 2013

He's playing to a sold out venue tonight and doesn't let his fans down. Kane is always giving it all and is getting a lot back tonight. It's a great and willing crowd who are ready to rock their heads off. It's one of those shows where artist and audience only keep intensifying each other. After a few songs the crowd is already sold. Kane is in great shape and totally in his element. Tonight everything is working for him. The response of his fans is firing him up even more. He's putting on his best rock poses and is playing cheering games between the floor and balcony.

His energetic songs do the rest. 'Rearrange' and 'Better Than That' will win over any crowd willing to party. Pits are forming on the floor with Kane watching with a big smile and twinkling eyes. He's smoothly mixing The Rolling Stones anthem 'Sympathy For The Devil' into 'Give Up' with everyone joining in. After playing 'Don't Forget Who You Are' the band is shortly leaving the stage while the crowd keeps chanting the verse. At the same time the fans on the floor show why they won the small game earlier.

Kane returns for the final encore. "Are you ready to blow off the roof?" Kane is asking? That's exactly what happens during the last song 'Come Closer'. Good friend and Arctic Monkeys front man Alex Turner once said that he would love for Miles Kane to join them. Although he would fit in perfectly with that band I'm glad he's choosing to follow his own path.

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01. Bombshells
02. You're Gonna Get It
03. Taking Over
04. Rearrange
05. What Condition Am I In?
06. Kingcrawler
07. Quicksand
09. Better Than That
10. Darkness In Our Hearts
11. Take the Night from Me
12. My Fantasy
13. Tonight
14. Give Up (extended with Sympathy for the Devil)
15. Out of Control
16. Inhaler
17. Don't Forget Who You Are
18. Colour of the Trap
19. Come Closer

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