Friday 1 November 2013

Colourful De Staat Presents New Album

Recently Dutch rock band De Staat released their third album. Yet again they managed to improve themselves and explore new directions. I_CON has turned into a colourful album filled with creative and intelligent rock songs. Live on stage the band usually adds an extra dimension.

De Staat at Melkweg Amsterdam, October 26 2013

The main hall is almost full when the band opens with new single 'All Is Dull'. Singer Torre Florim has some technical problems with his guitar right from the start. They seem to get fixed swiftly, but now and then you can see him giving his pedals a quick glance as if it's not entirely right. It will be typical for tonight, since it's not a perfect show. Sometimes the band seems to be out of it, although they know how to deal with that very well. The group has grown into a professional band, that is used to handling small setbacks. A tight collective that obviously enjoys playing with each other and who will always give everything they've got. They are the boys who became men and are living their dream of playing in a rock band.

The new song are strong additions to their catalog. Live they sound even better than on their record. 'Make Way For The Passenger' is an instant fan favourite, 'Down Town' a great nervous rock song and 'Witch Doctor' a hard-style like song that could knock the roof off any venue like a sledge-hammer. 'Devil's Blood' is more subdued, that patiently grows into a sexy and hypnotic song. The older hits of course still know how to please the fans and are solid rock songs, but also reveal how much richer the new songs are. Nevertheless the irresistible car horn in 'Ah I See' in the encore has everyone go crazy one more time.

It is clear that the new album has also brought more colour to the band as a whole. Even on a night like this where not everything seems to run as smoothly as it should be, the band has so much to offer. Slowly they are also making their way across the border and I wouldn't be surprised when they discover the beauty of this band over there as well.

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