Tuesday 12 November 2013

Memorable Night With Queens Of The Stone Age

Desert rockers Queens of The Stone Age will be playing for over 15000 people when they are performing at the Ziggo Dome at the end of the month. They decided to treat the Dutch fans that bought tickets to that show, to a small club show a few weeks ahead of it. Needless to say the 1000 tickets sold out in no time. Fortunately I didn't luck out and managed to get tickets to this one time opportunity.

Queens of the Stone Age at Tivoli Utrecht, November 9 2013

According to some it wasn't just about having a good time for Josh Homme and his QotSA friends, but also a publicity stunt to try to sell out the Ziggo Dome. Whether that is the case I'm not sure. It still felt like being one of the chosen ones. You can feel the venue trembling with anticipation when entering it. Slowly it is filling up and everyone is impatiently awaiting the stoner rock band from Palm Desert. A big roar fills the hall when the band enters the stage in the dark.

What follows is nothing less than an epic show, the best I've ever seen them play. The band is so tight and new drummer Jon Theodore has a big part in it. He's playing thee heavy songs so convincingly and with so much energy, it's hard to believe he hasn't been playing with them for years. Many songs of their last album make it into the set and sound even better live. Tonight new and old songs go down with the crowd equally well. Every single one of them is greeted with great enthusiasm. The near death experience Homme had, has changed be band and their music so it seems. They are playing as if this show could be their last one. Homme himself looks more relaxed than ever but also more determined. It leaves no doubt about what they are doing here. They are here to have a lot of fun with their fans and rock this place apart.

There's even time for requests when some people in the crowd unfold a small banner with the song title 'Tangled Up in Plaid'. Homme laughs and agrees to play it. The songs starts but then Homme changes his mind and promises to play it later on. It's characteristic for the night. The band totally connects with the crowd and are enjoying themselves a lot as well. Later on they play the song as promised. The fun just doesn't stop. While introducing the band, he says it's bass player Michael Shuman's birthday. Some people start singing a doubtful version of 'Happy Birthday'. "Leave the singing to us" Homme responds while laughing. And no, it wasn't even Shuman's birthday.

But music wise the band doesn't fool around. The songs sound solid as a rock and make Tivoli shake. Of course the big hits are not forgotten. 'Go With The Flow', 'Little Sister' and 'No One Knows' never sounded better. 'Feel Good Hit Of The Summer' is almost knocking our lights out. All the time the front half of the venue is jumping continuously as one big pit. The set list I see hanging at the mixing console reveals they made some spontaneous changes to it. The band leaves the stage, but it doesn't take much to bring them back for the final blow. The three song encore ends with a mind blowing long version of 'A Song For The Dead'. It's the end of a two hour show we will all remember years after. This was Queens of the Stone Age in optima forma. The group leaves with big smiles on their faces. And so do we, the chosen ones.

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01. Medication
02. Keep Your Eyes Peeled
03. You Think I Ain't Worth a Dollar, but I Feel Like a Millionaire
04. No One Knows
05. Avon
06. MyGod Is the Sun
07. Turnin' on the Screw
08. …Like Clockwork
09. In the Fade
10. Misfit Love
11. If I Had a Tail
12. Kalopsia
13. Little Sister
14. Smooth Sailing
15. Fairweather Friends
16. Mexicola
17. Tangled Up in Plaid
18. Better Living Through Chemistry
19. Go With the Flow
20. Feel Good Hit of the Summer
21. Make It Wit Chu
22. A Song for the Dead

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