Monday 13 October 2014

Fool's Gold Still A Hidden Gem

Mixing together African music with Western pop, Fool's Gold are an interesting band. The songs in Hebrew on their first self titled record made them sound even more exotic and managed to cause quite a buzz. This mix definitely works well and the band turns it into irresistible swinging songs. Time to check them out live.

Fool's Gold at Bitterzoet Amsterdam, October 8 2014

Only a handful of people found their way to the cosy venue for the band from LA. It's a small turn up for such an exciting band, but the band is determined to show everyone a good time. And that is very hard work tonight, since a part of the young crowd is a little more preoccupied with themselves and each other, than really paying a lot of attention to the band. When singer Luke Top is talking to the crowd, there's not much response.

It still doesn't get the band down, who work their way through a varied set. They have now found a stable line-up and have turned into a tight five piece. This is also noticeable in the new songs of their third album which will come out next year, that sound more coherent. The good thing tonight is that people did come in to do some dancing. And that is no problem with this band whose music is very hard to stand still to. The upbeat African rhythms are perfect to shake your booty to, which is exactly what everybody is doing. In the end that must be satisfying for this band who deserves much more. I'm definitely looking forward to their new album a lot.

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