Thursday 30 October 2014

Getting Lost In The War Of Drugs

With their third album Lost In A Dream The War On Drugs forced a break through this year, which will end up on many year lists at the end of this year. And for a good reason, since it's a smart record with wonderful songs, built up in a clever way. Now the band is playing the bigger club stages and selling them out in no time. I'm glad I got my ticket early since Paradiso sold out months before tonight's show.

The War On Drugs at Paradiso Amsterdam, October 28 2014

It is clear that most people got acquainted to the band with the last album, since songs of that album are greeted with a bigger response than older songs. The five piece band have improved their sound, that now is full and layered. And pretty loud as well, judging from the faces of some people, although I don't really notice because of the ear plugs I'm always wearing. All I know, is that the sometimes clear sound is wonderful tonight, exposing all the beauty of this band.

The songs, a mix of Springsteen and Dylan, with a little pinch of Dire Straits added to it, are clever songs. Repetitive parts by guitar, keyboard and sax, are playfully dancing around each other. Since the parts themselves are kept simple, it never ends up in a wild mix of noise, but instead it combines into a colourful palette of music. Adam Granduciel's vocals are embraced by the music and his skilful guitar solos cause little eruptions, adding enough excitement to the mix, so it never gets boring.

Older songs that sometimes are more acoustic originally, get slightly different arrangements so they fit the new songs and sound. The band patiently crafts a wall of sound, that never gets too thick or wild, also because the set list is balanced, inserting slower songs at strategic positions to allow the crowd to relax again. It allows you to completely submerge yourself into their music and get lost in it. It wouldn't surprise me if this band will get even bigger in a few years and start filling up even larger venues.

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01. Burning
02. Arms Like Boulders
03. Under the Pressure
04. In Reverse
05. An Ocean in Between the Waves
06. Suffering
07. Best Night
08. Red Eyes
09. Eyes to the Wind
10. Lost in the Dream
11. Baby Missiles
12. Buenos Aires Beach
13. Your Love Is Calling My Name

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