Friday 12 December 2014

On Stage: The Deaf

When you're a musician and have some time to spare what do you do? You start another band. All members of The Deaf are in separate musical projects but still have time left to play together. If you think that means this is just for fun and nothing serious then think again. Just listen to their new album Deaf and you will hear that besides the fun they obviously have playing together, the music also is top notch.

The Deaf at Paradiso Amsterdam, December 10 2014

Live on stage this is nothing different. The band, fronted by Di-rect guitarist Spike, are playing with a lot of heart. Spike, or Frans van Zoest, is asking time and time again how everyone is doing and if we're having a good time. It's obvious he's not too happy with the somewhat reserved response and so he keeps firing up everyone until at the end of the show half of the hall is dancing to their catchy rock songs.

Since it's really hard to stand still to their energetic and convincing rock music, founded on good old rock 'n roll and punk. Many songs are up tempo and are asking for your best dance moves. Live they sound as tight as on the record and played with so much enthusiasm it gains even more power. Once and a while bass player Janneke Nijhuijs is singing lead vocals and Spike moves to the back where he continues to scourge his guitar. In case you didn't know, this guy knows how to handle his six string well.

Now and then the foursome throws in a more quiet song, a moment to relax and for themselves to catch their breath. Then it's full speed ahead again, where they will never let the momentum slip or are slumping. This band is on fire, and won't rest until they have won everyone over. All four of them show the right amount of skills, heart and energy that I am looking for in a performance. After an hour it's time for an encore where they knock out three more songs before they leave the stage for a well deserved drink.

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