Monday 22 December 2014

On Stage: dEUS

Twenty years ago Belgian band dEUS formed and surprised pleasantly with creative experimental rock songs. They soon evolved into one of the most admired and successful Belgian bands both in their own country as far across the borders. In order to celebrate their anniversary they are doing a series of club shows. And a night with dEUS is always a treat, especially when you know you'll get the best of the best.

dEUS at Paradiso Amsterdam, December 18 2014

Everyone here tonight knows we can expect a greatest hit show, an overview of what dEUS was all about the past two decades. So the set list may not pack many surprises, but it is simply wonderful to hear all those classics in one night. And when you hear fan favourites like 'Instant Street' and 'Hotel Lounge' you can only watch and listen in awe how relevant and strong those songs still are.

But most of all, once more you notice what an extraordinary band this is. So many good songs in twenty years, it just keeps going on and on. Hearing those compositions back to back, it is clear that their catalog is of unique quality. The current line-up has the longest streak of all dEUS line-ups so far and still looks very stable. The musicians work so well together and only need to look at each other to see what's going on. A tedious cable? It doesn't worry any of them, they have seen it all.

And so front man and master mind Tom Barman looks very pleased and relaxed tonight as well. And for good reason since it's a celebration and nothing can get anyone down. They fly through the set smoothly and only take a small break in the middle of the set when they bring 'The Magic Hour', 'Secret Hell' and 'Smokers Reflect' acoustically. It is a sneak preview of the tour they have planned end of next year.

Then it's time to pick it back up again, since the crowd is getting restless. We get exactly what we want, a grooving 'Quatre Mains' and the perfect duo 'Nothing Really Ends' that flows into 'Bad Timing' like on the album Pocket Revolution. The wild young lads in front of the stage that are jumping around throughout the whole gig get one more chance to go nuts in the encore that of course ends with 'Suds & Soda'. And since this is a birthday party, Barman invites everyone over to join the band on stage for one final celebration. At least twenty more years please!

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01. Via
02. The Architect
03. Constant Now
04. Eternal Woman
05. Instant Street
06. Fell Off the Floor, Man
07. Girls Keep Drinking
08. Morticiachair
09. The Magic Hour
10. Secret Hell
11. Smokers Reflect
12. Little Arithmetics
13. If You Don’t Get What You Want
14. Quatre Mains
15. Sun Ra
16. Hotellounge (Be the Death of Me)
17. Nothing Really Ends
18. Bad Timing
19. Theme From Turnpike
20. Roses
21. Suds & Soda

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