Tuesday 10 February 2015

On Stage: The Mysterons

The Paradiso venue decided to set up a vinyl club where they will release 45's for promising new bands to give them a moment in the spot lights. Those bands will also get a chance to present that single with a show in the small hall of the venue. First up are The Mysterons, a young band with some familiar faces, that presented their single 'Echoes'.

The Mysterons at Paradiso Amsterdam, February 7 2015

I saw this band play at the Into The Great Wide Open Festival last summer and was quite impressed with their music and skills. Three members are also playing in the successful afrobeat collective Jungle By Night. Their music is a trip down memory lane to the psychedelic rock of the sixties and seventies. But there's more to it than just that. The very clever songs have complex structures and are full of twists and turns.

It is no surprise the band members met at the conservatory since it is obvious these musicians are well educated and talented. The way they effortlessly knock out their exciting solos or switch to half time is quite impressive. Singer Josephine van Schaik's voice is clear and her vocals fit the music quite right. She does look a bit shy on stage, especially when she's addressing the crowd in front of the stage. The band is playing more focused and self-conscious than the time I saw them last September though and the songs sound more consistent.

The music sucks you right in and it doesn't take a lot to let it take you away on an exciting trip. You'd expect joints to be lit around you any moment and some lava lights to be switched on. At the end the band quickly returns to the stage for a final encore, which is a cover. I can't hear the title of the song, but it sounds like a Turkish or Hebrew song and doesn't feel out of place at all. This is definitely a band to keep an eye on and personally I'm looking forward a lot to their EP that should come out early Spring.

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