Wednesday 25 February 2015

On Stage: Together Pangea

Some bands really know how to impress once they play their music live on stage. Californian band Together Pangea is one of those bands, that once they climb the stage know how to transform their catchy garage rock songs into crowd killers. They proved that last year with their legendary performance at Vera in Groningen. Now they were playing my hometown.

Together Pangea at Melkweg Amsterdam, February 22 2015

The quartet already did an extensive club tour last year in support of their latest album Badillac, that is full of short catchy rock tunes. Right from the start half of the hall starts to jump and won't stop until the band leaves the stage about an hour later. They have developed a great sound and are much more than your average garage rock band. Although all the ingredients are there, they add more subtleties and especially melody to the mix.

This is already obvious when you listen to their records, but on stage the songs come alive even more and become more organic. The band doesn't take long breaks in between and together with the short length of the songs the performance gains a lot of momentum. This adds to the energetic atmosphere and together with the positive vibe the band sends out, it results in an exciting show.

The new album has plenty of great moments of its own and live, songs like 'Sick Shit', 'Alive' and 'River' are working very effectively as well. Throughout the show youngsters climb the stage, are crowd surfing and the pit never dies down. And when the singer loses his shoe when he jumps in the crowd, you know it was a good night.

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