Tuesday 26 May 2015

On Stage: Danko Jones

Canadian rockers Danko Jones were supposed to play the small hall of the Melkweg in March that sold out quickly. However front man Danko Jones lost his voice and they were forced to cancel part of their tour. Probably no one was more gutted than Jones himself and as fast as possible they found a new date. At the same time the show was moved to the big hall, The Max.

Danko Jones at Melkweg Amsterdam, May 22 2015

When Jones mentions the canceled gig, there is some booing, which obviously surprises him. The booing is a weird reaction to the fact that Danko Jones only wants his fans to get a top notch show and that includes his voice. But it doesn't spoil his mood, on the contrary. Like he says himself, they will work even harder to make up for it. Anyone who has seen this band in the past knows this means that is hardly possible, since this is a rock group that always delivers the full 100% and never disappoints. Together with a very good new record Fire Music this promises to be a good night.

The band does deliver big time, with an explosive rock show full of powerful songs and a group that is in great shape. While Jones is playing the crowd in his usual fashion, bass player John "JC" Calabrese is firing them up even more while he doesn't stop smiling. New drum player Rich Knox lives up to his last name and keeps on knocking out solid rock grooves.

The big hall is not sold out and does have plenty of room left, which is a blessing since this place can get really packed when sold out. Now there's room for a continuous pit in front of the stage and the rest of us can dance to the irresistible rock grooves the band keeps "bouncing off our asses". Maybe most of the fans don't know the new songs word for word yet, but it doesn't stop anyone from rocking to songs like 'Gonna Be A Fight Tonight' and 'Do You Wanna Rock' with a catchy cowbell. In the end Danko Jones was totally right about canceling their show in March since this is the kind of show people come down to see. And you know this band will always deliver.

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