Friday 22 May 2015

On Stage: Warm Soda

Their name has been buzzing around for a while and their compact powerful pop and rock songs are getting mostly positive feedback. On stage they are supposed to pick it up a notch and deliver energetic shows. So I flipped out my Indiestad pass and headed over to the small hall of Paradiso.

Warm Soda at Paradiso Amsterdam, May 19 2015

There I find that only half of the hall is filled up which surprises me, especially since it's a free entrance for everyone with the Indiestad pass. I thought the band had worked up more of a stir and may even have started a little hype, but the turn up proves me wrong. The quartet have a new album Symbolic Dream out and play many songs of this newborn LP. It is full of short catchy songs that throw you around between garage rock and pop. It mostly feels as "garage rock light" but in a good way.

Live this results in a tight set that should make it hard for people to stand still. But to the band's own surprise the crowd tonight is hard to get moving and no matter what they try the response is lukewarm at most. This isn't the band's fault since the music is catchy, groovy and full of nice riffs. It doesn't get the foursome down, it seems they start to play even better in the second half of the show. Most songs are quite short but towards the end they treat us to the psychedelic 'Stranger To Me' that is quite long, especially compared to the rest and has a great jam with lots of freaky guitar.

Tonight the crowd was probably nothing what they hoped for and they sure deserve better. But Warm Soda look determined and focused enough to make it and are definitely a band to keep an eye on, since with songs like this next time they could be selling out larger venues in no time.

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