Saturday 9 April 2016

On Stage: The Last Shadow Puppets @ Paradiso

It's been a while since we heard from The Last Shadow Puppets, the cooperation of blood brothers Alex Turner and Miles Kane. A lot has changed in the eight years since their first album caused quite a stir. Turner's Arctic Monkeys grew out to be one of the biggest rock bands and Miles Kane built up a successful solo career. They were hinting at a new album for quite a while and finally last week it dropped together with a tour.

The Last Shadow Puppets at Paradiso Amsterdam, April 7 2016

It is clear this project is all about having fun and blowing off steam, especially for Turner who feels the pressure of being in one of the most successful bands of the past decade. Maybe the new album Everything You've Come To Expect isn't the one everyone hoped for, but I think it's not as big as a disappointment some of the reviewers like you to believe. After the first album, which took everyone by surprise. we kind of knew what to expect, but still there's plenty to enjoy. Tonight proves this because the new songs are by no means any less than the older ones. For instance 'Aviation' sounds wonderful live with the string section at the side of the stage. That string section makes all the difference any way, making the songs sound very alive and organic.

'Bad Habits' is a great rocking song with a very contagious groove. Kane can show his rock star poses and skills here and is looking very pleased tonight. He's laughing all night long while Turner is showing his best Elvis face. It's a delight seeing those two guys on stage together. Boys will be boys and Kane and Turner look like two rascals (haha) looking for trouble, exchanging smiles and naughty looks. Turner excels in the slower songs with his brilliant lazy singing style, playing the ultimate crooner.

The two boys brought a great sounding band with them besides the string section and knock everyone off their feet tonight with a lively, inspired and sexy show. It's no wonder everyone is begging for more after the regular set which consists of almost the whole new album and most of the first one, so the lads return for a wonderful version of The Beatles' 'I Want You (She's So Heavy)'. Who expected that? A lush version of 'Standing Next To Me' closes the night. Of course The Last Shadow Puppets are a bit tongue in cheek and if you take them too serious it doesn't work. But they always make sure it doesn't get cheesy and of course with these amazing musicians and a world class song writer like Alex Turner they meet every expectation and more.

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01. Calm Like You
02. The Age Of The Understatement
03. She Does the Woods
04. Aviation
05. Separate And Ever Deadly
06. Used to Be My Girl
07. The Element of Surprise
08. The Dream Synopsis
09. My Mistakes Were Made For You
10. Only The Truth
11. Bad Habits
12. Dracula Teeth
13. Everything You've Come to Expect
14. Meeting Place
15. Sweet Dreams, TN
16. In My Room
17. I Want You (She's So Heavy) (The Beatles cover)
18. Miracle Aligner
19. Standing Next To Me

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