Monday 24 April 2017

On Stage: Desert Mountain Tribe

Of course the special releases are great on Record Store Day, although record companies are starting to milk it again with insane prices and nasty scalpers who are after the rare ones to make huge profits on eBay. But one of the best things about this day is the many bands playing in the record stores. So what better way to finish this day by going to see Desert Mountain Tribe.

Desert Mountain Tribe at Q-Factory Amsterdam, April 22 2017

The show tonight isn't part of Record Store Day but is definitely a nice addition to today's program. I have seen this band play several times now and I really like their sound. It is a small venue with a small crowd tonight, since the band is still relatively unknown. but they set the mood right from the start when their psychedelic sound rings.

The combination of fuzzy guitar and bass with lots of effects and simple but powerful drums that always keep the groove going, is quite irresistible to me. On top of that it is the wonderful voice of Jonty Balls that completes their sound. You can hear a bit of Eddie Vedder in it now and then and he's always singing with a lot of heart, often closing his eyes.

The songs of their debut album go down well and tonight we also get to hear some new ones from new EP If You Don't Know Can You Don't Know Köln. The people that have shown up are definitely having a good time. Bass player Philipp Jahn and his brother drummer Felix, who are from Germany, brought a small group of their own German fans and they are having a good time at the front of the stage, creating a cheerful atmosphere.

At the back the geometrical visuals add plenty of psychedelic effects to the music. Together with the smell of a joint, which is rare these days at indoor concerts because of non-smoking regulations, all the ingredients are in place for a great show again. Too bad not many people have heard from this band yet, so it is about time they will get their well deserved break to a bigger audience.

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