Sunday 9 April 2017

On Stage: The Lemon Twigs @ Tolhuistuin

Last year I saw a video of two young guys who seemed to have come from the sixties with a song that could have been in a psychedelic rock opera. It turned out to be ‘As Long As We’re Together’ by The Lemon Twigs, a young band started by the brothers Brian and Michael D’Addario. They played my hometown that year but unfortunately I wasn’t able to go. However I got another chance last Friday and I wouldn't let this one pass.

The Lemon Twigs @ Tolhuistuin Amsterdam, April 7 2017

I can also catch most of the support act, Lo Moon, who play dark eighties sounding music driven by synthesizers which together with singer Matt Lowell’s voice reminds of Talk Talk. I love their sound and I'm definitely going to keep an eye on this promising band. Simply listen to 'Loveless' and judge for yourself.

The D’Addario brothers are both multi instrumentalists that could easily form a one person band by themselves. It doesn't stop there since both are also actors in Broadway musicals and for TV and movies. Brian starts up front on guitar and lead vocals, while Michael is taking place behind the drums, twirling his drum stricks. Live the band is completed with Megan Zeankowski on bass and Danny Ayala.

Their theatre background is obvious from their music, where they use the same dramatic elements. On top of that it is full of breaks that seem to go in every direction. Rock, prog-rock, glamrock, punk, pop, it’s all their. It can be a little overwhelming but it is so convincing that it is amazing to watch. Halfway the brothers switch positions and it gets more explosive as Michael is bursting with energy. His theatrical performance and stage presence is a mix of a David Bowie act and a young wild Iggy Pop. He’s all over the place, jumping and doing high karate kicks and it is simply wonderful. Meanwhile they keep playing their versatile music and do a great job at it.

People are singing along to the best known songs and judging from the full hall it looks like they are already building a solid following. Normally I would like to see a bit more focus in music when it is going into so many directions, but The Lemon Twigs make it sound and look so natural and fitting that it all makes sense.

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