Sunday 10 December 2017

On Stage: Triggerfinger @ Melkweg

A few years ago Belgian band Triggerfinger recorded a live album Faders Up 2 at the Melkweg Amsterdam. The band had a major breakthrough year in our country and it seemed right to record the album with the Dutch fans. That love has not faded since, but only grew stronger. Now they return to the same venue with their new album Colossus.

Triggerfinger at Melkweg Amsterdam, December 7 2017

On that new LP we can hear a less heavy band but a lighter one and a more pop sound. Of course they still lean heavily on big grooves but are now adding synths and clear guitars. Live they add a fourth member to be able to recreate that sound.

For the rest not much has changed. Singer Ruben Blok still is the charismatic showman that goes through his familiar rock poses with his guitar. The other showman is master drummer Mario Goossens who draws just as much of attention to his rolling drum fills, explosive solos and a good deal of cymbal chewing. Steady rock Monsieur Paul watches them with a grin on his face while plucking his big bass.

Live member Geoffrey Burton looks a bit ordinary and shy compared to the illustrious trio while he adds some mean guitar and effects to the mix. The now four headed rock monster may have a less frightening face but still knows how to roar. Although I like the new record, I notice I like the older heavier songs like ‘My Babie’s Got A Gun’ and golden oldie ‘First Taste’ better than the newer ones. But this is just my personal taste and maybe I just haven't got used to their lighter touch yet.

With three sold out shows in the Melkweg and most of the others throughout the country there are hardly any tickets to be found for any of their concerts through the lowlands. It is clear the love for this rock machine is still very strong. And what’s not to like if you’re looking for a convincing rock show where the beer is flowing? The band ends with Iggy Pop’s ‘Funtime’ and that's exactly what it is.

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01. Upstairs Box
02. And There She Was Lying in Wait
03. First Taste
04. By Absence of the Sun
05. Flesh Tight
06. Perfect Match
07. My Baby's Got a Gun
08. Black Panic
09. Bring Me Back a Live Wild One
10. All This Dancin' Around
11. Colossus
12. Afterglow
13. Man Down
14. Funtime

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