Tuesday 19 December 2017

On Stage: Tamino @ Bitterzoet

I have seen Belgian talent Tamino several times over the past year and every time he was able to impress me. Now the year is drawing to an end I get a chance to see him one more time and I won't let this opportunity pass.

Tamino at Bitterzoet Amsterdam, December 17 2017

Since it is nice to have seen him grow throughout the year. His talent is unmistakable; his voice that he's able to bend any way he likes, is his strongest weapon. Together with his band he has worked on his repertoire and by now you can hear he has got it down. The venue sold out a while ago and looks more packed than ever as if they sold a few more tickets than usual.

When the singer takes the stage, you can see that slowly his stage presence is becoming more and more self confident without losing his charm. Playing gigs on a regular basis is turning him into a charismatic performer. When he addresses the audience he still comes across as a bit shy and modest though, but this adds to his charm. Tamino sincerely shows he's grateful for his talent and his fans. When he thanks his mentor and keyboard player Tom Pintens, who is playing with him for the last time, he is overwhelmed with emotions for a moment.

Tonight was the best performance I saw of him, which proves this young man keeps improving. The songs sound finished and convincing and Tamino looks comfortable while playing them. When he doesn't lose his edge and charm, this incredible musician should be able to make it big. I know I've said this all before and I still think the next time we will have to see him in a larger venue. The future is looking very bright and one can only imagine what it will bring for him.

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