Saturday 5 January 2019

On Stage: Death Alley + Birth Of Joy @ Paradiso

I was sad to hear Dutch rock band Birth of Joy were going to call it a day. I've always liked this band with their incredible groovy rock music. Fortunately they were throwing a farewell show at my favourite venue. Then Death Alley announced they would join the band for their own last show as they are quitting as well. It means I have to say goodbye to two of my dearest rock bands in this country.

Death Alley + Birth Of Joy at Paradiso Amsterdam, January 3 2019

On top of that Amsterdam post-punk band NEED opens the night. I like their lively shows and their clever and sharp songs. Fronted by the very active singer Sam, the band is overwhelming but good. At the beginning the crowd is a bit hesitant, but the explosive band is slowly winning them over. Sam announces that at this night of goodbyes, they will be saying goodbye themselves at their next concert. This is an absolute shame, since this band has a lot to offer.

Death Alley

A warmed up crowd is eager to have one more night with Death Alley, a band I fortunately got to see a couple of times. There classic hard rock is mixed with pyschedelic rock and that combination is working very well. You really have to like singer ‎Douwe Truijens who, like the rest of the band, is always working hard on stage with a very positive attitude.

Oeds Beydals' guitar riffs and solos are always amazing, very skilfully played and full of heart. Songs turn into long jams with endless riffs, grooves and solos, full of twists and turns, but without sounding overcomplicated. The band ends in style with the amazing 'Supernatural Predator', an epic piece that is a fitting end of a wonderful band.

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Birth Of Joy

I have been lucky enough to see Birth Of Joy several times and this band always delivers. Three incredible musicians that can let their instruments rip like there's no tomorrow, playing irresistible grooves. They understand how to use dynamics in music efficiently, slowing down, or taking it back in volume, only to let it loose shortly after. It makes any crowd go wild and beg for more and more and more, until the band leaves them breathless.

Tonight is no exception and they sound more vicious than ever. Because it is the last time the trio seems to have picked it up a notch with a wild show. Kevin Stunnenberg is rocking the stage and his guitar, Gertjan Gutman is lashing his organ and Bob Hogenelst is showing his incredible stick skills one more time. Within no time the floor is a swirling crowd of people dancing, jumping and crowd surfing. At the end the band uncorks a bottle of champagne before they treat us to a few more last songs and close the night well past midnight.

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Tonight we had to say goodbye to two amazing bands, even though I really don't want to. They proved tonight why that is a big loss, ending it all when they are without doubt on top of their game. Thanks for all those mind blowing shows and amazing music guys!

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