Tuesday 15 January 2019

Naughty Naughty Naughty Naughty @ Paradiso

The new year started kind of on a sad note when we had to say goodbye to two great Dutch rock bands last week, Death Alley and Birth of Joy. Fortunately there are quite a few talented young rock bands to follow in their footsteps. One of those bands is Canshaker Pi, who already left a big impression. Now they are throwing a party in Paradiso with a couple of other young talented bands and one group of veterans.

Naughty Naughty Naughty Naughty Naughty at Paradiso Amsterdam, January 10 2019


What better way to start a party than with the after party? It's usually the best part of a party anyway, so Afterpartees are perfect for getting this one going. The group has a new record coming up and are excited to try out new songs on the hungry crowd. Fronted by the always lively Niek Nellen the band is turning the stage into a jolly chaos. The band may not always very tight and Nellen's vocals can be out of tune or out of his reach now and then, but they make up for that big time with a huge amount of energy. The band has plenty of catchy songs and Nellen is pulling out every trick he has to warm up this crowd. This is definitely one of the most fun bands we have in the low lands.

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Real Farmer

Upstairs in the small hall it is very crowded and I am about to find out why. Real Farmer is a very promising new band that seems to come out of nowhere, but some members have been around in the scene for a couple of years. Their noise rock and post rock songs sound very convincing and I really like their sound. Everyone else is digging this band as well since it stays full until the end of their set. It reminds me of bands like Protomartyr sometimes and the group leaves a very good impression. I'm going to keep my eye on this band.

Scram C Baby

The only band tonight that has been around for a long time is Scram C Baby. So what are they doing on this night of young upcoming bands? Singer John Cees Smit is Willem Smit's dad, guitarist and singer of Canshaker Pi. How great is that? Father and son on the same stage on the same night? Scram C Baby are an established rock band, that just released a very good new album Give Us A Kiss. The group plays a top performance with clever rock songs and an inspired show. Smit is heavily promoting his son's band, waving the Canshaker Pi scarf whenever he can, like a proud father. I'm sure he taught him everything he knows.

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It's been a while since I saw 45ACIDBABIES play a support show. A few months back I saw singer Sophia de Geus play with her punk rock duo FFOOSS. Tonight it's time for her electronic side. This band is very creative, playing hooky and wilfully songs. Although the audience tonight is a party willing crowd, they can also appreciate this music that requires a bit more effort. The band plays a good set and is able to convince the people in the small hall.

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Pip Blom

Young rock artist Pip Blom is a star on the rise that already draws attention from abroad. Her songs are both rocking as catchy and there's always a pleasant vibe in her music. It all sounds fresh and lively and her band members are bouncing with her on stage like the curls on her head. Everything is still quite unpolished but that is part of the charm. After a number of singles and a first EP a couple of months ago, everyone is eagerly awaiting her first album to drop some day.

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Rotterdam band Lewsberg is becoming an indie favourite quite fast, impressing many people with their The Velvet Underground sound, with clear guitar lines and the half talking half singing style of Arie van Vliet. I really like their music but still have trouble getting into their static stage presence, that is part of their act. But when you focus on the music, it totally works and the songs of their first album sound simply great.

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Canshaker Pi

Of course this night isn't complete without a performance by the organisers themselves. You can leave it up to this band to end the night on a high. The band is clearly used to the line-up change now, as they fly into this show right away. It is wonderful to see how this band is growing and see the band members are slowly growing up. Their sound is maturing as well, getting more deep, without losing that edge that makes them unique. Without any obvious effort they are turning the floor into a wild dancing party with crowd surfers and stage divers flying around. It is well passed my bedtime when they return to the stage for the final encore and close the night with a big bang, giving everyone in here the party they wanted.

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It is great to see how a band like Canshaker Pi is now moving to the front of the alternative scene over here and is offering a stage to upcoming bands. It is really hard for these kind of bands to make a living from their music and it is very hard work. I really like how they are helping out each other. In the end everyone is winning here on this beautiful night.

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