Thursday 28 February 2019

On Stage: Bodega @ Bitterzoet

A wine shop or wine cellar is called a "bodega" in Spanish. In the US small convenience stores are sometimes called bodegas as well. It's also a band from Brooklyn New York that created a small buzz around them and are currently one of the most exciting NYC bands. Their sharp krautrock and old style post-punk does sound promising.

Bodega at Bitterzoet Amsterdam, February 26 2019

The small Bitterzoet venue has filled up quite well by a bit older crowd. It must be the retro style post-punk sound inspired by bands like The Fall that draws these fans. Bodega's first album Endless Scroll was produced by Parquet Courts’ Austin Brown and even recorded on the same Tascam machine Light Up Gold was recorded on. Indeed you can hear some Parquet Courts influences in their music.

Sometimes it also reminds of LCD Soundsystem without the electronics and especially the songs where guitarist/singer Ben Hozie and singer Nikki Belfiglio are almost shouting their lyrics reminds a bit of early B-52's. All together it sounds pretty tempting and the somewhat sarcastic tone in the songs give it all a bit of a light touch. It results in catchy songs that are great to have a good time with and at the same time leave enough to sink your teeth in.

It's mostly Hozie and especially the energetic Belfiglio who are upfront while the rest of the band steadily keeps the groove. There is no standard drum kit but drummer Tai Lee is standing behind a set of drums, pounding away with an intimidating look on her face. It does give the music plenty of groove, but is also a bit limiting. This may get in the way after a few albums, but isn't a real problem for now. For now they treated us to an hour of interesting rock music with an inspired performance.

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