Sunday 17 February 2019

On Stage: Thijs Boontjes Dans- En Showorkest @ Melkweg

After spending a marvellous three weeks in beautiful Colombia it's hard to get back to everyday life. Fortunately new releases are pouring in so fast it's hard to keep up, which means the busy club season has started as well. There are many concerts coming up and needless to say I'm going to try to see a large deal of them. But what better way to start than a fun night out with Thijs Boontjes?

Thijs Boontjes Dans- En Showorkest at Melkweg Amsterdam, February 15 2019

Many people are probably wondering who the hell I'm talking about, especially anyone from outside the low lands. Boontjes is a rock and roll artist who is singing songs in Dutch. His lyrics are little stories about life, love and anything that goes with it. His music therefore comes across like a mix of Dutch rock legend Herman Brood and Dutch maestro André Hazes. He even recorded a song 'Ballade van de Moord' with Hazes' daughter Roxeanne who sings it with him tonight on stage.

Boontjes adds plenty of humour to his lyrics and shows ,which makes it all about having fun and doing a little dance. Therefore he calls his band Thijs Boontjes Dans- en Showorkest (Thijs Boontjes dance and show orchestra). Boontjes carefully avoids to cross the line of bad taste or making things too cheesy.

Instead he simply adds all the ingredients for a plain fun rock concert with enough songs to sing along and dance to. When you look beyond the surface you will notice his music is actually really clever and there's more to it than you may expect. He brings a band with very skilled musicians that I happen to know of several other bands in the Dutch rock scene. The band creates an environment for Boontjes to thrive in and he looks very comfortable on stage with a lot of cool.

On his Hammond he emphasizes the swinging rhythm section consisting of drummer Bram Hakkens and bassist Jeroen Overman, who he played with in Dutch singer Douwe Bob's band. With Guido Blom guitar licks, who he knows from their old band King Jack, it adds a rough edge to the sound, so it doesn't become too soft. All in all Boontjes has found a successful formula to combine musical quality with entertainment and lots of fun. This explains why tonight's release party for his fresh new album Geen Achttien Meer is sold out.

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