Wednesday 15 May 2019

On Stage: Club Kuru @ Paradiso

After I attended Jacco Gardner's show tonight Club Kuru were about to start their show at the small hall. I didn't know the band but of course I wanted to take a peak.

Club Kuru at Paradiso Amsterdam, May 10 2019

Of course I did look up who I was dealing with and the keywords "seventies" and "psych" caught my attention. Indeed the band plays mellow jazzy tunes with a psychedelic touch that could have come straight from the summer of love. The songs are gentle to the ears, soulful psychedelic music, played very skilfully. These musicians certainly can play and are tight, but at the same time loose enough to let the music fan out. They leave enough room for each other to excel and obviously know that "less is more", staying away from cluttering the music with unnecessary complicated parts.

Mostly the songs build up to spacy guitar solos backed up by warm electronics. The rhythm section pleases me a lot with groovy drums and a popping bass. Singer Laurie Erskine's somewhat high voice is the glue between these musical interludes. I do notice after a while that his vocals could use more variation as it makes the songs sound alike a bit. Because of the mellow vibe of the songs, it never gets wild and it doesn't really blow me away . On the other hand Erskine is trying hard to entertain the crowd and I can see myself enjoying this music on a summer's night with a cold one, dozing off while the sun sets.

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