Monday 15 July 2019

On Stage: Chris Robinson Brotherhood @ Paradiso

Some bands or artists are like a very good wine, that you had the pleasure of drinking several times. Every time you are going to drink it again, you look forward to it a lot even though you know what to expect. It also only gets better when it ages. Chris Robinson is one of those artists that I can really look forward to seeing, over and over again.

Chris Robinson Brotherhood at Paradiso Amsterdam, July 12 2019

I am lucky that former The Black Crowes front man Chris Robinson loves to play Paradiso. So when his Chris Robinson Brotherhood are in Europe, they are guaranteed to pay a visit to my favourite venue. Whenever I can, I try to see him play with his band since I know it will be an incredible night with amazing rock music. It's been three years since I was able to catch them, so it's about time!

The band just released a new LP Servants of the Sun, which contains songs they will definitely play live, according to Robinson. This turns out to be true, since the band will play many new songs. The new music has a bit of a more electronic touch to it, but for the rest stays close to their familiar sound. It almost seems the songs are merely loose structures, that they use to play jams. Several styles are combined, like blues, country, americana, southern rock and prog rock. It's all kneaded into a wonderful musical and psychedelic trip that is timeless. For the rest not much has changed in the last couple of years in the band, although they recently changed their keyboard player.

Those styles of music have been around for ages of course and sometimes when the light turns to some kind of sepia, it's almost as if we're back in the seventies. However this band is so good at playing it with a lot of heart that it doesn't sound outdated at all. Neal Casal's dazzling guitar solos are out of this world, combined with swinging keyboard playing and a very tight and groovy rhythm section. On top of that you hear the unique vocals of Robinson, that never change and that time doesn't seem to have any grip on.

The band will completely drag you into their gorgeous music and I loose every sense of time. Before I know it the band shortly leaves the stage, before they return again for the encore. I simply cannot get enough of this band that only gets better every time I see them. Count me in for the next time.

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01. Comin' Round the Mountain
02. Venus in Chrome
03. A Smiling Epitaph
04. Roan County Banjo
05. Good to Know
06. Rare Birds
07. Stars Fell on California
08. The Chauffeur's Daughter
09. Little Lizzie Mae
10. Dice Game
11. Let It Fall
12. Rosalee
13. Behold the Seer
14. Mandolin Wind (Rod Stewart cover)

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