Sunday 28 July 2019

On Stage: The Proclaimers @ Paradiso

Thirty years ago Scottish twins Charlie and Craig Reid had a huge hit as The Proclaimers with 'I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)', which is kind of an unusual song to have such success with. They never were able to match that success but are still recording and performing. I've never been a big fan, but a friend of mine is and was dying to see them (no, really). I decided to join him to see his idols, just because it could be fun.

The Proclaimers at Paradiso Amsterdam, July 25 2019

And so we find ourselves in a hot Paradiso on this tropical day, waiting for The Proclaimers. The main hall isn't sold out, but it has filled up nicely. Originally the band was scheduled for the smaller Paradiso Noord venue, but due to a big demand for tickets it was moved here. I guess even the programmers were surprised by the twins' popularity. I was expecting maybe to see many English fans, but this doesn't seem to be the case.

This is not really the music I normally listen to, because I'm not a big fan of folk music. I notice I don't know too many songs and only the couple of hit songs that received air play back then sound familiar. The fans know all the songs by heart and are singing along out loud, including our friend. It is apparent the brothers have a loyal fanbase, that keep showing up for their concerts. These are longtime fans although the number of young people isn't bad at all.

Even though the fans are enjoying the show, not much is happening on stage. Although the band are clearly enjoying it themselves, especially bass player Garry John Kane and drummer Clive Jenner, they are kind of routinely playing the songs. The Reid brothers aren't exactly putting down an explosive show either. Their vocals are clear and strong though and their voices are harmonizing beautifully. In the end I think this show was alright, but a bit boring for me. I was hoping maybe they would surprise me, but instead it met my expectations which weren't very high. They are of course professional musicians that can play at a high level, but they were not able to convince me. When we head home I still hear "I will walk 500 miles...' ringing in my head which is still hooked into my brain even today. Thanks guys...

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01. Angry Cyclist
02. There's a Touch
03. Over and Done With
04. Letter From America
05. Should Have Been Loved
06. Stretch
07. Let's Get Married
08. Spinning Around in the Air
09. Streets of Edinburgh
10. Sean
11. What Makes You Cry?
12. Information
13. Born Innocent
14. Sky Takes the Soul
15. The Light
16. Sunshine on Leith
17. Rainbows & Happy Regrets
18. Life With You
19. I'm on My Way
20. And Then I Met You
21. I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)
22. Cap in Hand
23. Make My Heart Fly
24. The Joyful Kilmarnock Blues

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