Wednesday 11 September 2019

On Stage: dEUS @ Paradiso

This year Belgian giants dEUS are celebrating the 20th anniversary of their iconic album The Ideal Crash by playing it in its entirety. I already saw this in Utrecht some months ago, but I won't pass on the opportunity to see them play again at my favourite venue.

dEUS at Paradiso Amsterdam, September 9 2019

This means I know what is coming, especially because they are playing that very good LP track by track. I simply can't get enough of songs like 'Instant Street' and 'Sister Dew'. The band is in a great mood again, truly enjoying playing these timeless songs. Singer Tom Barman is especially in a good mood, wearing his skirt again for the occasion.

Like the first time, the band has to warm up, or maybe it's the crowd. Or it's simply the fact that the first couple of songs of the album are tracks that require listening, something that everyone is doing. Since these songs have so much detail, with all the lovely layers, the violin and keyboard parts by Klaas Janzoons. The dance group are also present again, doing their lively moves, supporting the music. These dancers are wonderful to watch, tirelessly moving around, dancing expressively.

The setlist is almost identical to the one in Utrecht, except that 'Hotellounge (Be the Death of Me)' replaces 'Nothing Really Ends' this time in the first encore. I don't mind it at all, since this is dEUS in great shape. When they also play 'Quatre Mains' and 'Fell Off the Floor, Man' in that first encore and close again with 'Roses', you shouldn't complain. Instead, I'm savouring this band and their wonderful music.

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01. Put the Freaks Up Front
02. Sister Dew
03. One Advice, Space
04. The Magic Hour
05. The Ideal Crash
06. Instant Street
07. Magdalena
08. Everybody's Weird
09. Let's See Who Goes Down First
10. Dream Sequence #1
11. Quatre Mains
12. Fell Off the Floor, Man
13. Hotellounge (Be the Death of Me)
Encore 2:
14. Roses

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