Tuesday 10 September 2019

On Stage: together PANGEA @ Melkweg

It's been a while since I saw together PANGEA from California play, who are always fun to watch. With a new EP Non Stop Paranoia / Dispassionate out they are swinging by Amsterdam again, which is very good news!

together Pangea at Melkweg Amsterdam, September 8 2019

I'm surprised they are playing the small "Upstairs" hall, all the way, well, upstairs in the Melkweg. It's not even very full which surprises me even more. I was expecting more and more people to pick up on this band and for them to be playing bigger venues. Because, what's not to like? These guys are able to write catchy garage rock songs with very good verses that are dirty, edgy and especially a lot of fun.

The group proves this tonight with more than an hour of their contagious rock songs, that you simply have to dance to. Bassist Danny Bengston calls out an annoying guy who is showing too much interest in a couple of young ladies in front of the stage. It is good that bands notice these things and speak up. It's exactly like Bengston says, that people should feel safe at concerts, especially women. Of course they play many new songs, like the hyperactive 'Hi-Fi Television' that fits right in with their older work. It is a track from the explosive Non Stop Paranoia, which deals with anxiety and stress. The songs on Dispassionate are the opposite and are calm and summery tunes that reflect a day at the Californian beach. It gives them the opportunity to balance out their set, although I do think they are at their best when the tempo goes up and the band shows its wild side.

At the end of the set they prove this when they play 'Too Drunk To Come' and 'Sick Shit' that are greeted with loud cheers and a dancing crowd. The foursome returns for an encore and close the night with the glorious 'River' that has one of the best verses and can get stuck in your head for days. Too bad not more people are here to enjoy this band who deserve bigger crowds.

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