Wednesday 30 October 2019

On Stage: Pond @ Melkweg

Australian psych rock bands Pond and Tame Impala have been intertwined ever since Pond was founded as a spin off. They first shared many members including Tame Impala's mastermind Kevin Parker, but later it was hard to combine the two. Pond evolves mostly around Nick Allbrook though who in the end left Tame Impala to concentrate on Pond and other projects. This year saw the light of a new studio album Tasmania and a live album Sessions due next week. Best of all, they are visiting the Melkweg.

Pond at Melkweg Amsterdam, October 29 2019

In the ten years the band has been around, they have consistently released albums that slowly evolved from psychedelic rock to a more pop oriented sound. It is one of those bands that is exploring new directions while at the same time are staying true to their roots. All those directions are showing tonight, with Allbrook as the charismatic front man and centre point.

Heavy rock songs with psychedelic jams are following more disco oriented songs, but always there's this incredible groove and hook in every song. It makes their music perfect for dancing and the energetic Allbrook leading the pack with some flexible moves. He is the radiant centre piece of this band, moving around stage with a big smile on his face.

The whole band is clearly in a good mood and are enjoying the show a lot. Combined with a balanced out set with many hits like 'Sweep Me Off My Feet', 'Paint Me Silver' and 'Giant Tortoise' they are giving the eager fans what they want. Live this tight band sounds amazing with a dynamic sound and a loose style of playing. The group ends in style with 'Man It Feels Like Space Again'. It sure does and it feels wonderful!

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01. Hand Mouth Dancer
02. Sweep Me Off My Feet
03. Fire in the Water
04. Tasmania
05. Don't Look at the Sun or You'll Go Blind
06. The Boys Are Killing Me
07. Burnt Out Star
08. Aloneaflameaflower
09. Paint Me Silver
10. Zen Automaton
11. Daisy
12. The Weather
13. Medicine Hat
14. Giant Tortoise
15. Man It Feels Like Space Again

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