Monday 21 October 2019

On Stage: Ty Segall & Freedom Band @ Patronaat

I understand it's been five years since Ty Segall played club shows in The Netherlands. In Ty years that is about a lifetime, considering he keeps releasing several albums every year. He's returning with a two night residency at Patronaat Haarlem with his current tour where he will play his new record First Taste and one of his previous records in their entirety. At Patronaat those are Melted and Manipulator, so I simply have to be there both nights.

Ty Segall & Freedom Band at Patronaat Haarlem, October 17 + 18 2019

I'm off to a rough start the first night and end up late at the venue. I got stuck on the highway for almost four hours because of a horrible accident closing down the road. Ty Segall and his band have already played more than half of First Taste when I walk in. Segall is behind a drum kit and they are playing the groovy and rocking songs with a lot of fire. This new album is a bit different from his other ones, but aren't they all? Fortunately the second night I get to see the whole set and the whole album.

His music is so diverse and he keeps finding new roads and tracks, that he can wander on, something that is very clear during these two nights. It is a journey through the whole rock spectrum and beyond. Even on the same record or in the same song, he will show many different faces. Segall is a musical chameleon, that can change into whatever shape he fancies.

But all his songs have his unmistakable signature, that will tell you it is a Segall production. All of his songs also have golden melodies, that will make them irresistible. He has an incredible and unique musical talent, where besides being an amazing musician, he also is an amazing song writer. And yes, this guy can also shred a guitar like one of the best. He proves that so many times, where he will throw his head backwards and squeezes out another incredible riff or solo.

Segall doesn't waste time talking in between songs, but instead keeps the engine running at all times. The lights change colour halfway the show when the band finishes First Taste and move onto the album of the day effortlessly. Segall always brings a great band and this tour is no difference. Partner in crime Mikal Cronin turns out to be playing with him as an attentive reader pointed out (thanks!), although I wasn't able to recognize him from my position where he's mostly in the shades. I do recognize Shannon Lay on guitar, who I also saw play with Feels a while ago. Together with Segall they make the songs sound so good, with a lot of groove and beautiful harmonies.

After finishing the album of the day, the band leaves the stage but return for an encore both nights. This is almost two hours of rock heaven with one of the best around. Ty Segall is an absolute giant, a one of a kind artist that has been on top of his game for quite a while. I feel very lucky to have been at his show two nights in a row.

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Setlist October 17:
First Taste:
01. Taste
02. Whatever
03. Ice Plant
04. The Fall
05. I Worship the Dog
06. The Arms
07. When I Met My Parents Pt. 1
08. I Sing Them
09. When I Met My Parents Pt. 3
10. Radio
11. Self Esteem
12. Lone Cowboys
13. Finger
14. Caesar
15. Girlfriend
16. Sad Fuzz
17. Melted
18. Mike D's Coke
19. Imaginary Person
20. My Sunshine
21. Bees
22. Mrs.
23. Alone
24. Cherry Red (The Groundhogs cover)
25. You're the Doctor

Setlist October 18:
First Taste:
01. Taste
02. Whatever
03. Ice Plant
04. The Fall
05. I Worship the Dog
06. The Arms
07. I Sing Them
08. When I Met My Parents Pt. 1
09. Radio
10. When I Met My Parents Pt. 3
11. Self Esteem
12. Lone Cowboys
13. Manipulator
14. Tall Man Skinny Lady
15. The Singer
16. It's Over
17. Feel
18. The Faker
19. The Clock
20. Green Belly
21. The Connection Man
22. Mister Main
23. The Hand
24. Susie Thumb
25. Don't You Want to Know?
26. The Crawler
27. Who's Producing You?
28. The Feels
29. Stick Around
30. Fanny Dog

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