Sunday 8 March 2020

On Stage: The Homesick @ Paradiso

A few years back we got to know post punk trio The Homesick who released a stunning debut album Youth Hunt. It didn't take long for them to get noticed across the borders and even got signed by the illustrious Sub Pop label. In January they dropped their first Sub Pop release The Big Exercise which showed a very different sound. Stripped off the rough post punk elements this album leaves a friendly fuzzy pop sound full of harmonies and psychedelica. It is beautiful, but how would this go down live on stage?

The Homesick at Paradiso Amsterdam, March 5 2020

As if it wasn't clear enough from their new record that things have become less wild, both bass player Jaap van der Velde and guitarist Elias Elgersma are seated at the front with their drummer Erik Woudwijk at the back. They will not get up for the whole set, even though some people are asking them to stand. It has a nice touch though, seeing them sitting like this, emphasising this new more mellow direction. The stage at the small hall in Paradiso is quite low though, so it is hard to see them when you're not standing at the front.

The three young men have their new sound completely figured out and it sounds amazing live as well. They have some electronica to help them out in the parts where things like keys are added. This is a band who are able to harmonise the vocals together with their instruments. No longer will you hear wild eruptions but soft ringing guitars and gentle drum rolls. They manage to mould it all together into a lovely fuzzy sound. Repeating elements are emphasised with staccato drum grooves where the harmonising vocals from both van de Velde and Elgersma are swimming in lots of reverb.

The trio can steer their music into any direction, keeping it small and quiet, then slowly letting it swell into something bigger without ever really letting it roar or explode. This unique band proves they understand the elements of music that allow you to make things interesting. It makes their songs exciting and little works of art. The lighter pop sound suits them well and we should treasure a group as talented as The Homesick.

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