Wednesday 1 April 2009

Nine Inch Nails releases album with Timbaland?

Remarkable news today: Nine Inch Nails releases a new album "Strobelight" with Timbaland and it is available for download on his web page. Hm, something seems fishy though.

It is April Fools Day of course so that makes you wonder. Looking at the track list makes it all clear: "Everybody's Doing It (featuring chris martin, jay-z AND bono)", "Pussygrinder (featuring sheryl crow)", "Even closer (featuring justin timberlake and maynard james keenan)" and "Clap Trap Crack Slap" to name a few. Of course this is a direct diss to Chris Cornell again. Trent Reznor made some remarks on Twitter about Chris' latest album "Scream" and Chris wasn't amused .

So is this the next round in their little feud? Hopefully Chris has a good sense of humor. Personally I think it's really funny!

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