Tuesday 7 April 2009

Rock Therapy Is The Cure

Therapy? - Crooked Timber (Ronald Says 4 out of 5)
Their line-up changed a couple of times over the past years. So did their record label. They've had ups and downs but kept on going. So after all these years Therapy? are still around and released a new album.

From the beginning of the album it's clear: Therapy? means serious business. They are here to rock! Opening track "The Head That Tried To Strangle Itself" kicks in with heavy drums, big guitar riffs and a pumping bass. This is Therapy? going strong and how we know them from the old days. "Exiles" for instance has a heavy distorted bass line and changes from melodic guitar parts into heavy grooves. This is a great song.

"Crooked Timber" like most of the songs has rolling drum fills which are very prominent. Drummer Neil Cooper must have had a lot of fun making this album. Since there are only three members remaining, besides Cooper original member Andy Cairns and long time member Michael McKeegan, all instruments get enough room and the production is nicely balanced.

"Magic Mountain" is one of the few tracks where the band takes it a bit more slow. It lasts 10 minutes but still doesn't feel out of place. They seem to pack the whole vibe of the album in their last track "Bad Excuse For Daylight" that sounds very dark and varies between dark heavy grooves and slower melodic parts.

The Irish band kind of seemed to have been under the radar last couple of years even though they have been touring and releasing albums. This album may not achieve the same commercial success like the "Troublegum" and "Infernal Love" albums but that's not what they are looking for. They have hit back with a vengeance and rock harder as they've ever done.

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