Wednesday 4 April 2012

High Quality Rock With Shaking Godspeed and Bombay Show Pig

Every time I want to see Shaking Godspeed perform it turns out I can't make it to their live dates in Amsterdam. So after seeing them play in Eindhoven, this time I went to Haarlem to see them team up with new and promising band Bombay Show Pig.

Bombay Show Pig/Shaking Godspeed at Patronaat Haarlem, March 31 2012

When I arrive at the smallest of two venues in the Patronaat, it is still pretty quiet. It turns out the show is scheduled half an hour later than announced on the website and ticket.

Bombay Show Pig (Ronald Says 8 out of 10)

By the time this duo takes the stage it has filled up nicely. The mallets of Linda van Leeuwen hit the drums by force, laying down a solid groove. Together with guitarist Mathias Janmaat she is sharing vocals. They use loops and samples in a smart way. You never have the idea that you're listening to a duo. Their music is catchy with solid grooves and some heavy guitars now and then. It's a varied set, played with lots of confidence. It's obvious that they are no newbies. Van Leeuwen was in girls band ReBelle for a while and Janmaat has played with Dutch indie bands Voicst, Dazzled Kid and GEM. I for one am looking forward to their first album that's coming out on the 3rd of May.

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Shaking Godspeed (Ronald Says 8 out of 10)
When it's time for the three members of Shaking Godspeed to play, the venue looks less full to my surprise. In my opinion they are tonight's main act and certainly not to be missed. I guess the people who left didn't know what was coming. It doesn't prevent the three from playing a solid set of their heavy rockers. On the contrary, it seems to make singer/guitar player Wout Kemkens even more determined. He's trying to encourage the crowd, but doesn't get a lot of response.

This by no means has anything to do with the quality of their performance. Their set is tight and I already knew that their songs are great. This combination of old hardrock, blues rock mixed with some stoner is just brilliant. The songs of their last album 'Hoera' are great and show even more variety. They have managed to come up with their own unique sound and know how to play with passion and energy. I really wish these guys will get their big break soon, since it doesn't get much better than this. Expect a review of 'Hoera' soon on this blog.

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