Friday 27 April 2012

Less Is More For Moss

In January Dutch alternative band Moss released their third album 'Ornaments'. After the huge success of its predecessor 'Never Be Scared / Don't Be A Hero' the album wasn't more of the same but actually an in depth exploration of their sound. Stripped of any thrills it exposed the bare backbone of the band, resulting in an impressive record full of well composed and beautiful songs. What would it sound like live?

Moss at Melkweg Amsterdam, April 18 2012 (Ronald Says 8 out of 10)

The stage setup is in line of the album. Lighting has been stripped down to the basics. Two large white plates are hanging at either side of the stage and are used to project visuals on during the length of the show. Nothing really spectacular or fancy but merely functional visuals to support the music. Not a thing should distract from the music. The band members are all positioned in one line on the stage. No one is sticking out, every single one is subordinate to the music.

This works very well. They manage to create a warm atmosphere where their songs can flourish to the fullest. Their set is tight and well balanced where old and new songs are merging together perfectly. The band fully understands the phrase "less is more", giving songs room to breath. It still gives the music enough tension to keep every one focused. One of their biggest hits 'I Like The Chemistry' even appears early in the set which is no problem at all. They already have plenty of good songs to keep every one happy. New songs 'The Hunter' and 'Ornament' for example are at least as good. Moss are truly a unique band.

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