Saturday 7 April 2012

Pretty Avarage Night With Primus

Primus are still touring around their latest album release Green Naugahyde. After seeing them in Paradiso last year they were now taking to a bigger stage. And that show got me hungry for more. So I headed down to Eindhoven where they were playing the new Klokgebouw venue.

Primus at Klokgebouw Eindhoven, April 1 2012 (Ronald Says 7 out of 10)
It was my first time at that venue which is located in an old factory building previously owned by multinational Philips that started out in Eindhoven many years go. It's a good location but the industrial surroundings never really get you in the mood for a rock show. We came in late and missed the beginning of the show. They had started off with a few of their classics, great songs like 'Frizzle Fry', 'Seas Of Cheese' and 'Mr. Krinkle'. At both sides of the stage the two familiar astronauts are staring at us and the big screen at the back is showing great visuals.

Before we know it it's time for the intermission with classic black and white Popeye cartoons. Three cartoons in total prove to be a bit too much for some people and for a good reason. One cartoon would have been good enough. When the band are back on stage they start playing Green Naugahyde front to back, which is a nice feature. They are tight as always. The sound is good and all members get plenty of room in the songs to show their freakishly great skills. Some new songs already made it into Primus fan favourites like 'Last Salmon Man' and 'Lee Van Cleef'. Of course Les Claypool is the center of attention with his "out-of-space" bass playing. Although some songs end up in lengthy jams, the band is running on routine tonight. There's hardly any interaction with the crowd and they don't really put in a lot of extra effort to make it into a memorable night.

At the end of the show there's time for two more Primus hits Groundhog's Day and Winona's Big Brown Beaver and that's that. It's still over two hours of high standard rock songs. I don't think this band can ever really disappoint. With their skills and song material there's always plenty to enjoy. This was a decent show, so I guess everyone leaves home satisfied tonight. But it won't be enough to keep us satisfied for another decade.

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01. John the Fisherman
02. Duchess and the Proverbial Mind Spread
03. American Life
04. Frizzle Fry
05. Seas of Cheese
06. Mr Krinkle
07. Fish On
08. Jerry Was A Racecar Driver
09. Hennepin Crawler
10. Last Salmon Man
11. Eternal Consumption Engine
12. Tragedy's A-Comin'
13. Eyes Of The Squirrel
14. Jilly's on Smack
15. Lee Van Cleef
16. Moron TV
17. Green Ranger
18. Hoinfodaman
19. Extinction Burst
20. Groundhog's Day
21. Winona's Big Brown Beaver


  1. Nice review! It's Mr. Krinkle in the text, although Mr. Frinkle sounds nice too ;) (tbeest)

  2. Hehe, cheers. Mr Frinkle is his cousin ;) Thanks for paying attention. Corrected of course.