Tuesday 18 November 2014

Bob Mould Is Looking Back And Forward

This year rock icon Bob Mould released his new solo album Beauty and Ruin, which shows a vivid Mould reminding us of his glory days with Hüsker Dü. In support of this new album he is touring around the club circuit and fortunately wasn't skipping Amsterdam. Time to pay him a visit.

Bob Mould at Paradiso Tolhuistuin Amsterdam, November 10 2014

The big backdrop is showing the cover of his new album, the combined pictures of a young and old Bob Mould, a big chunk of music history between them. Mould kicks off with his younger version, playing Hüsker Dü's 'Flip Your Wig' and 'Hate Paper Doll' back to back. A flying start to the liking of the fans tonight in the almost full venue. It immediately fires up the steamroller that is unleashed upon us by him and his loud, ruthless but very tight band.

Since the rock veteran proves to be in great shape and doesn't like to hold back. It doesn't take long before his glasses are foggy giving him a bit of a silly look from time to time. With his somewhat uncontrolled moves around the stage he doesn't exactly look like a big rock star, but that isn't something he's after. He's more like the anti-hero that left his marks in music history, because you can clearly hear where bands like Pixies and Foo Fighters are coming from.

And exactly that's what's Mould is giving us, a history lesson in rock music, with half of the set comprising of Hüsker Dü and Sugar songs. But his solo work, songs like 'The War' and 'Hey Mr. Grey', fits in their seamlessly, carrying the same energy and drive, exposing the same power. Although the themes of many songs aren't all that cheerful, tonight definitely is. Mould looks like he's enjoying it a lot, chatting to the crowd once and a while, but doesn't waste any time. Because, according to him, we have to catch the last boat from North Amsterdam to the town's center. Apparently he didn't know the ferry keeps running all night long. After the regular set he comes back for some more, knocking out two more songs of the legendary Hüsker Dü, finishing off with 'Chartered Trips', underlining once more where it all started.

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01. Flip Your Wig
02. Hate Paper Doll
03. Hoover Dam
04. Star Machine
05. The Descent
06. I Don't Know You Anymore
07. Little Glass Pill
08. Kid With Crooked Face
09. Helpless
10. Nemeses Are Laughing
11. The War
12. Hardly Getting Over It
13. Keep Believing
14. Fire in the City
15. If I Can't Change Your Mind
16. Hey Mr. Grey
17. Tomorrow Morning
18. Divide And Conquer
19. Something I Learned Today
20. In A Free Land
21. Makes No Sense at All
22. Chartered Trips

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