Saturday 8 November 2014

Crowd Surfing With Rocking Ty Segall

With the amount of music Ty Segall is recording, it is a surprise he's able to play live at all. Fortunately he is doing a tour, to promote his new album Manipulator, which is one of his best. Time to go check out this busy bee.

Ty Segall at Paradiso Amsterdam, November 3 2014

After being pummeled by support act J.C.Satàn, a cowboy who calls himself Jimmy, takes the stage to tell us a little tale. Most of the cowboy's little jokes are ignored by everyone and he decides to bring the band to the stage. Jimmy joins the others on keyboard for the first song, but fortunately doesn't take part in the rest of the set. Instead Mikal Cronin is playing the keyboard parts for the rest of the night that takes off kind of slow. The first half of his set tonight consists solely of songs off his new album, which is great. He plays a few of the psychedelic songs that are on Manipulator, that somehow don't really work well. Most of the subtleties are lost in the heavy sound of tonight and this doesn't do them good.

But by the time the band has warmed up, it's clear they aren't here to play subtleties at all. Segall is here to rock us off our socks with wild garage rock songs, which is exactly what happens. He's knocking them out effortlessly and it doesn't take long for the first couple of youngsters to climb the stage for some good old fashioned stage diving and crowd surfing. Seagull is clearly enjoying this and is even encouraging to take a crowd surfing young girl all the way to the back and return her safely, which is exactly what happens.

He can't hold it himself any more and goes a little crowd surfing himself, which he tries for a second time somewhat later. This time he loses his guitar which is grabbed by some people in the crowd. After he gets it back he climbs back on stage and is clearly annoyed by the fact this kind of messed up his guitar since it refuses to stay in tune. Fortunately Segall looks like a cheerful guy and nothing can seem to break his good mood tonight. After a few more killer songs in the encore it's over, leaving nothing but good vibes and spirits.

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01. Manipulator
02. It's Over
03. The Connection Man
04. Tall Man Skinny Lady
05. Feel
06. The Faker
07. The Singer
08. The Clock
09. Green Belly
10. Don't You Want to Know? (Sue)
11. Susie Thumb
12. The Crawler
13. The Feels
14. I Bought My Eyes
15. You're the Doctor
16. Imaginary Person
17. Finger
18. Caesar
19. Thank God for Sinners
20. Wave Goodbye
21. Goodbye Bread
22. Slaughterhouse
23. Tell Me What's Inside Your Heart

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