Tuesday 25 November 2014

Tower Of Power Still Not Showing Any Wear

Some bands have so much quality on board that there is a lot to enjoy for every one. Tower of Power is one of those bands that always has a great horns section, rhythm section and vocals. And of course with this band a funk and soul party is guaranteed.

Tower Of Power at Paradiso, November 21 2014

Despite a steady output in studio albums, the band isn't really a hit machine anymore or has the same impact as they did in the seventies. Still they have a loyal following and it results in a sold out show tonight. The core of the large group still consists of the two founding members Emilio Castillo and Stephen Kupka, aka "The Funky Doctor". There have been many line-up changes in its 45 year existence, but several members like drummer David Garibaldi are long time members as well. Unfortunately bassist Rocco Prestia is still quite ill and unable to perform. Currently Ray Greene is the singer of the band and is taking the lead in the band's performance.

Greene has a good soulful voice and he's trying to fire up the crowd. He wants everyone to dance and with his smile he's able to persuade many people to do so. Not that it is easy to stand still to the swinging music of the skilled band. But the crowd needs to warm up, which maybe has to do with a bit of a mellow start of the show, that doesn't have many surprises. The band sounds good and is playing the grooving songs tightly, mixing in solos for every band member. Castillo introduces the band halfway the show, also explaining about Prestia's condition who needs to undergo a kidney transplant. The speech is a bit long and breaks up the tempo of the show though.

Fortunately what follows is a funky part with a James Brown medley that results in plenty of fire. Of course this band has no trouble playing the spicy Brown songs. When Castillo brings up Dutch saxophone player Candy Dulfer as a surprise, the party is complete. Their big hits 'What Is Hip?' and 'Soul With a Capital S' are the cherry on the cake tonight and end the show in style. Tower Of Power may not be the youngest anymore, but they still have plenty of soul and funk left in them.

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