Thursday 25 June 2015

Best Kept Secret 2015 Day 2

After an incredible first day where we saw so many bands and great shows it's time for a hearty breakfast. This means bacon and eggs of course and fresh coffee. We can relax since there's no rush to get to the site where a different kind of coffee awaits.

Best Kept Secret 2015 Day 2, June 20 2015

John Coffey
Things are moving fast for Dutch hardcore punkers John Coffey. There latest album The Great News ia getting plenty of attention and they are playing shows all over the place. And then of course they landed that Pinkpop slot where the famous beer catch went viral. Today they prove they don't need a viral video to impress. Powerful songs combined with an even more powerful performance doesn't miss its effect. Relentless energy with a healthy amount of testosterone and a lot of good times on stage are a delight to watch. Singer David Achter de Molen climbs the stage scaffolding, runs around and is showing his best rock poses while the rest of the band are pounding away the uptempo rock songs. Needless to say there is plenty of crowd surfing going on. Yes, more Coffey please.

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The album Sun Structures was one of my favourite albums of last year. The psychedelic rock songs sound wonderful and I was really looking forward to seeing this band play. The trio is performing on the main stage at the middle of the afternoon. This is not a great choice since the songs that sound so great on the album don't really come across on the big field that is enjoying the sun. This stage is too big today for the somewhat static musicians as well. Sometimes when the songs are more heavy, the band sounds better, but I'm sure they would have left a better impression on one of the smaller and darker stages together with some psychedelic colourful visuals.

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At Primavera a few weeks earlier I was somewhat disappointed in Cheatahs. I really like their music but live on stage they didn't add much. They are playing the small Stage 5 which should be quite suitable for them. But again, although their music actually sounds pretty good, I can't get into their performance. The band simply doesn't make an effort to light a fire and seemingly play their set on routine.

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Death Cab For Cutie
This is different for Death Cab For Cutie, a band that is admired by many fellow musicians and other bands. I can see why, since the American rock band is playing an impressive show. Patiently they are building up there songs, never pushing too hard. Singer Ben Gibbard's voice is clear and wonderful and slowly I get sucked into their music. This is how you keep a crowd on their toes, even without a lot of interaction, but simply by playing it with a lot of heart.

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By now Balthazar are at the top of the Belgian rock scene and doing good beyond as well. From the first time I've seen them play this band kept growing and doesn't seem to stop. Today the band shows that the main stage is a piece of cake to them. It's remarkable how all subtleties in the songs don't get lost and how relaxed the band moves around the stage. Some of them sometimes climb the big wooden boxes that are standing around them, while they play a well balanced set. I always have a bit of difficulty with how unmoved they look when they are playing. But their music simply is so good and well performed that it doesn't matter. Of course everyone raises their glass once again to the tradional closer 'Blood Like Wine' and toast with this wonderful band.

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British nineties band Ride are having a successful reunion so far as they are playing large venues and big stages on festivals everywhere. At Primavera I witnessed a convincing show and tonight it's no different. Stage Two is perfect for their music that combines shoegaze and britpop, a combination of The Stone Roses and My Bloody Valentine. I'm no expert on their songs, but again the band sounds great and many songs are wonderful. It makes you wonder why they didn't get bigger in the nineties. But maybe it is time for them to come up with new music and build on their newly acclaimed fame.

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By then it's time for Hookworms, the band that released an amazing album and played a great show in Barcelona. Before I have even seen anything of the band, one of my friends makes a nasty fall and we end up bringing him to first aid. Fortunately he seems alright but to make sure we leave for the bungalow where I can keep an eye on him. I'm glad the next day he turns out to be fine, although I did miss Hookworms and Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds. Nothing a nice Belgian beer and a cigar can't fix.

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