Monday 15 June 2015

On Stage: DIIV

Zachary Cole Smith started DIIV as a solo project which resulted in the album Oshin, inspired by German Krautrock and psychedelic bands. He formed a live band which eventually led to the formation of DIIV. The psychedelic songs are a blend of shoegaze and indie rock and the album got positive feedback. Time to go check out the band.

DIIV at Paradiso Tolhuistuin Amsterdam, June 12 2015

There's a large turn up tonight, as this show is part of the Indiestadpas again. This also means there's a lot of chatting, which you can even hear when the band is playing. It's not exactly acoustic intimate music, since the instruments use many effects and Smith's vocals are dredged in reverb. This makes it hard to understand when he's addressing the crowd. The songs sound quite nice though and have a nice light dreamy ring to them, that let you float away. Sometimes it reminds a bit of a light version of Tame Impala.

But DIIV's songs have less variation in sound and tempo, which does emphasize the dreamy and Krautrock side of the music. It is what makes the album work, the atmosphere of the music is consistent. But live it's hard to keep the audience focused, especially the ones who came here with their Indiestad pass, like me, and consider it a nice start of a night out. Loud cheers sound when it's finally time for popular 'Doused' at the end of the regular set. The band also plays a few new songs that are on their upcoming album scheduled for release later this year. It sounds as if the new songs are a continuation of their sound and don't give away a shift in direction. Still the music is nice enough and I'd keep an eye out for the new album and go check them out.

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01. Out Of Mind
02. Bendy
03. How Long Have You Known?
04. Under The Sun
05. Yr Not Far
06. Dopamine
07. Loose Ends
08. Oshin (Subsume)
09. Incarnate Devil
10. Grant's Song
11. Doused Pt. II
12. Sometime
13. Waste Of Breath
14. Doused
15. Wait

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