Friday 5 June 2015

Primavera Sound 2015 Day 2

One of the great things about this festival is that you have plenty of time to wake up slowly and have a nice day before diving in again. And although festival campings site can be fun, I can do without them. Being in a hotel is an absolute bliss and so after a refreshing shower we head to the beach to take it slow for a while. Totally rested we cycle back to the Parc del Fòrum and head for the first band.

Primavera Sound 2015 Day 2 May 29 2015

It feels a bit awkward seeing a shoegaze garage rock band like Disappears on broad daylight in the sun. But Disappears have no trouble putting up an interesting show with good rock songs. Many songs have Krautrock influences with repeating elements. Singer Brian Case is totally into the music and loses his sunglasses halfway the show. It doesn't bother him for a bit and continues to sing passionately. I can only imagine this is even better in a dark club.

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Julian Casablancas + The Voidz
We decide to take a look at the new project The Strokes singer cooked up with his band The Voidz. Casablancas has dyed his hair red and yellow and looks like to have gained a few pounds. The album Tyranny where they teamed up sounded completely weird and proved too much for me. It has interesting elements though, with African rhythms combined with heavy metal and lots of noise. It is definitely not for the faint of heart and also live on stage it's not appealing to me. Maybe I'm just not ready for this kind of music. We have to leave anyway to see the next act.

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Tony Allen
Afrobeat master drummer Tony Allen is a bit of a weird one in the line-up. He is playing in the Auditori Rocklux, or Auditori Fòrum, which is the only inside stage. I don't want to miss a bit from this living legend, but we're not allowed in with some snacks in our backpack. We head to the cloak room to leave the bag and return to the venue where Allen is now halfway his show and everyone is sitting down. Fortunately a few minutes later everybody gets up from their seat to dance to the swinging irresistible afrobeat grooves. Allen can only smile to this and the band keeps firing up the crowd. It's the same band I saw a while ago at the Bimhuis in Amsterdam and once again it turns into an African party. In the end I'm really glad I took the effort to get in.

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Patti Smith
We hurry back to the festival ground to the farthest stage to see Patti Smith wrapping up playing the famous Horses album. What we see is pretty good and Smith looks more determined and full of fire than ever, fierce fully shouting out her political statements. She ends her set with a rough version of the notorious 'Rock N Roll Nigger' where she tears off the strings of her guitar. Although older, Patti Smith is no way ready for life in a rest home.

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The Church
Australian band The Church have been around since 1980 and I didn't even know they were still around. The band proves tonight they can still write interesting songs and play some songs off their new album Further/Deeper. Singer and bass player Steve Kilbey is a charismatic front man who uses theatrical poses throughout some songs. Although it looks like not everyone is staying until the end, it is a convincing show by experienced musicians. Of course 'Under The Milky Way' still is a monumental song that sounds just as good as it did almost thirty years ago.

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Another band that decided to come back together are britpoppers Ride. They did cause a bit of a stir with their shoegaze music in the early nineties but wasn't much heard of after their breakup. Bass player Andy Bell then joined a band called Oasis and Ride kind of was forgotten. Until last year when they announced a reunion and several festival appearances. I don't know them very well but it's pretty good what the band is showing tonight. It's a tight playing group with good songs that stood the test of time. The songs are well written and sometimes sound like a mix of The Stone Roses and Oasis. Maybe it's a good idea for the band to come up with new material?

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Today feels like a slow day where we didn't see that many bands play and were a bit unlucky that we saw some shows only partly. Nothing a few cervezas can't fix.

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