Tuesday 27 October 2015

On Stage: Children of the Light Trio at North Sea Jazz Club Amsterdam

Also playing with sax legend Wayne Shorter, Children of the Light Trio are a one of a kind top band in itself, a jazz supergroup that consists of the wonderful top musicians Danilo Pérez, John Patitucci and Brian Blade. All the reason to pay a visit to the North Sea Jazz Club.

Children of the Light Trio at North Sea Jazz Club Amsterdam, October 23 2015

The reason I like jazz trios so much is because of the freedom it gives to each musician and it's instrument. And tonight's musicians know how to use that freedom in every way possible. Pérez makes the grand piano sing wonderful melodies, playing ringing notes that blend into each other, like rain drops falling on the roof top tiles, creating natural symphonies. Patitucci's fingers run along the neck of his bass playing swinging grooves, his glasses sliding to the tip of his nose, while one of my big heroes drummer Brian Blade is playing amazing rhythms which such subtle control and dynamics.

Tonight is a master class in every aspect of jazz music, individual control of each instrument, but also the arranged music, playing as a band and on how the threesome can get the best out if each other. It is obvious how much they enjoy playing in this setup, pure joy showing in their faces, approving smiles and looks among them and a shoutout once and a while of admiration when one of the others plays a perfectly timed accent or ingenious feat of musicality.

This is also obvious from the response of the audience that are greeting these moments with loud applause and cries, but also breathlessly wait for every last note to be played in every composition before going into a loud roar. In the more quiet parts the club is absolutely dead quiet to be able to hear everything, which is an absolute bliss in times where people use concerts as an excuse to catch up with each other. Tonight was an absolute bliss in every aspect of live music.

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Brian Blade | John Patitucci | Danilo Pérez

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