Monday 26 October 2015

On Stage: Radkey at Paradiso Amsterdam

The three young Radke brothers, performing as Radkey, impressed me when I saw them play at Best Kept Secret and Rock Werchter with their no nonsense rock music. Because of all their hard work on the road it would take more than another year before their first record was released a few months ago called Dark Black Makeup. Finally they would also bring their new record to a club show in Paradiso.

Radkey at Paradiso Amsterdam, October 23 2015

The small hall of the venue is about half full when the trio take the stage. The first song of the set is off to a rough start because of the bad sound that makes the band sound thin. It does get better during the show but never gets really optimal to make them sound as good as they can. This is a shame since the band is always working hard. The lighting was quit bad as well which explains my rubbish pictures.

Singer Dee keeps his round hippie sunglasses on throughout the show and his baritone voice, despite the sound problems. is definitely working again. It's hard to believe this young man can produce such big vocals. Bass player Isaiah is constantly in motion in his own 80s like style, while rocking his guitar. Youngest of the three Solomon is gently playing the grooves, not by pounding away on his drums, but with a light touch moving around his drum kit. Although they are compared to punk bands like the Ramones and Misfits, which obviously does shine through in their music, they also borrow elements from metal and hard rock like Black Sabbath and Motörhead creating a much more heavy sound. It's an effective and explosive combination which works well in songs like the title track of their LP 'Dark Black Makeup'.

A nice touch is their faster version of Depeche Mode's 'Personal Jesus'. But like on the album, you'd wish they would let it go out of control once and a while. Although some people in front of the stage try to create a small mosh pit, it never really becomes rough nor to they put some more oil on the fire, as if the boys are too modest to get wild. Because nice guys is what they, that go sit on the front of the stage right after the show to talk to fans and take pictures. I think in the end they have all the ingredients to become a successful rock trio. Just let it rip guys!

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