Monday 5 October 2015

On Stage: Saybia

It has been eight years since Danish band Saybia released their last album. A lot has changed since then, in the world but also in the band. Tragedy struck when singer Søren Huss lost his girl friend in a car accident. Also things in the band didn't run well and we didn't hear from them for a while. Until the 20th anniversary of their first album The Second You Sleep a few years back, with a few shows that also ran them across Paradiso. Now they are back and are even bringing a new album.

Saybia at Paradiso Amsterdam, October 1 2015

The band is also bringing a new guitarist Kasper Rasmussen and lots of positive vibes. Huss looks a bit more round again but for the rest hasn't changed much. He still is the friendly singer that likes to have a bit of small talk with the crowd. It is always wonderful to hear him sing although his warm voice is starting to wear. Especially in the higher registers he's struggling a bit which becomes obvious in the lovely song 'Angel'. Or maybe it's just this night where his voice is not in the best shape.

The band is playing a mix of old favourites and some new songs of course. The new album No Sound From The Outside which is full of wonderful soft rock songs in their typical style. 'Black Hole' for example is an intense song that has Saybia written all over it. The LP is sometimes quite uplifting although you can hear the personal drama seeping through here and there. Not many bands can play emotional songs, without it getting too mushy or losing credibility. But the group can get away with playing beautiful but at the same time bitter sweet sentimental ballads like 'The Second You Sleep' or 'I Surrender' . Huss jokes at one point they "are not millionaires like Coldplay. We are the Danish Colplay". I'm not so fond of Coldplay myself so I'm glad they aren't really like that big rock band, but instead of writing stadium anthems keep the songs little and subtle.

From time to time the band picks up the pass and starts to rock where new guitarist Rasmussen can show what he's got. It was worth the long wait and Saybia thanks everyone for sticking around. Indeed it is remarkable that after all these years, Paradiso is still sold out. After such a long time one encore isn't enough and so the band answers the loud cheers with a second return to play 'A Walk In The Park'. I'm really glad the band is back and in such good shape. And by the looks of it Saybia is happy to be back themselves as well.

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01. Down
02. Ominous Mystery
03. Angel
04. In Spite Of
05. The Miracle in July
06. It's About Time
07. Hollow Is Your Promise
08. A Way Out
09. The Day After Tomorrow
10. Untitled
11. The Second You Sleep
12. Fools Corner
13. Bend the Rules
14. No sound from the outside
15. Brilliant Sky
16. Airplanes and submarines
17. Black Hole
18. I Surrender
Encore 2
19. A Walk in the Park

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