Tuesday 15 March 2016

On Stage: Birth of Joy

I already consider myself a lucky bastard, but sometimes I even get more than I bargained for. This time I won tickets to go see a concert that I was planning to go to any way, that amazing rock band Birth of Joy. To make things even better The Mysterons were the opening act.

Birth of Joy at Paradiso Tolhuistuin, March 13 2016

The Mysterons
The venue Paradiso Tolhuistuin has one nice aspect which can be a downside as well: you have to cross the IJ water which in my case means I take the ferry. We just miss it by seconds and therefore have to wait ten minutes for the next one. By the time we make it into the venue, The Mysterons already have started their set. Fortunately there's plenty of songs left to play for them and their layered psychedelic songs full of tempo changes and odd measures once again is intriguing and convincing. The band has grown and sounds more tight and better than ever. Can't wait for their first album to drop.

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Birth Of Joy
The energetic rock music of Birth of Joy already is great to listen to at home, but this band is best consumed live. When you hear their songs, you think "wow, that is some great rock music" but watching them live on stage is simply overwhelming. Even after having seen them a few times before, this band still knows how to impress me.

It's the combination of well-written rock songs, very skilled and talented musicians, and the right combination of energy and enthusiasm. It's obvious these guys don't want to be anywhere else than on this stage with this crowd tonight. It's the last release show for their new album Get Well that shows the band keeps evolving and by now is one of the best rock acts in our country. Once again the tight band dazzles me with screaming guitar riffs, rolling drum fills and an out of control organ. Thanks Paradiso Vinyl Club for the tickets to an amazing night of music!

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