Monday 7 March 2016

On Stage: Chris Robinson Brotherhood

It’s never clear what the status is of The Black Crowes, the rock band around the Robinson brothers. Currently the band has fallen apart but can easily rise from its ashes any time. Meanwhile singer Chris Robinson recorded three albums with the Chris Robinson Brotherhood. What hasn’t changed is that this is a band you want to see live.

An Evening with the Chris Robinson Brotherhood at Paradiso Amsterdam, March 3 2016

The Black Crowes loved playing Paradiso and their concerts usually turn into epic moments. Tonight with this band it is nothing different and this “evening with the Chris Robinson Brotherhood” definitely is evening filling. The band has divided the night into two sets with a short break in between. Their music is on the more relaxed side of The Black Crowes and Robinson is playing guitar most of the time.

Their soulful Americana will slowly drag you in and it's a lovely feeling. Robinson’s wonderful voice still is one of a kind and his amazing band is doing the rest. The drums and bass play their grooves right in the pocket and guitar player Neal Casal lays down some amazing solos. It's as if Robinson’s verses are paving the way for these stunning guitar pieces. The band plays many covers by the likes of Bob Dylan, the Grateful Dead and of course The Black Crowes. But all of them are tasteful versions that they made their own without damaging the original. And all songs turn into long stretched songs full of lengthy jams and patiently crafted by wonderful musicians.

The break halfway does take you out of the magic for a bit but when they play close to three hours it's a well deserved break. By that time they already have Paradiso eating from their hand. Another bunch of incense sticks are lit and the band simply continues where they left off. At the end of the second set there’s even time for an encore where the band plays a dazzling version of J. J. Cale’s ‘After Midnight’. In the passed I believe they called Paradiso "the center of the universe" and tonight for three hours it truly felt that way. Even better, the venue feels like an entire different universe for a while, filled with lush music and good vibes. It would be great if The Black Crowes would return in the future but this band is just as much fun.

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01. Hello L.A., Bye Bye Birmingham
02. Jump the Turnstiles
03. Roan County Banjo
04. Reflections on a Broken Mirror
05. She Belongs to Me
06. Meanwhile in the Gods...
07. Like a Tumbleweed in Eden
08. I'm a Hog for You
09. Shake, Rattle and Roll
10. Ain't It Hard But Fair
11. Rosalee
12. Star or Stone
13. West L.A. Fadeaway
14. Vibration & Light Suite
15. I Ain't Hiding
16. Got Love If You Want It
17. After Midnight

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